FunPlus Phoenix wins second Valorant Masters in Copenhagen

The second Valorant Masters of the year in Copenhagen is history. The games in the “Forum Copenhagen” are over. The winning team has been determined – FunPlus Phoenix.

Certainly, in retrospect, one can speak of a surprising title holder, as also shown by the eSports betting in the run-up to the tournament. FunPlus Phoenix had qualified for the Masters via the European elimination and also had to go through the group stage in Copenhagen. We have summarized all the results of the Valorant Champions Tour Masters 2 in the news.

The preliminary round at the Valorant Masters 2

A total of 12 top teams were represented in the Danish capital. The top four eSports clans of the Valorant Champions Tour 2022 were automatically seeded for the knockout stage, specifically Fnatic, XSET, Paper Rex and Leviatan. These teams were logically in the favorite role for the highlight tournament. All other organizations had to play in the two preliminary round groups, which ended as follows.

Season A

Guild eSports 2:0 – with 70:59
OpTic Gaming 2:1 – with 86:75
KRÜ eSports 1:2 – with 83:99
LOUD 0:2 – with 65:71

Season B

DRX 2:0 – with 60:34
FunPlus Phoenix 2:1 – with 87:87
Northeption 1:2 – with 64:86
XERIA 0:2 – with 69:73

Note: The groups are played in GSL format rather than everyone vs. everyone. Two wins were enough to qualify for the further rounds.

The knockout round of the Masters tournament

Of course, the real heat was on in the knockout round, which was played in double elimination format, as usual. Here are all the results at a glance.

Upper Quarter Finals

Paper Rex vs. Guild eSports 2:0
Fnatic vs. FunPlus Phoenix 2:0
Leviatan vs. DRX 1:2
XSET vs. OpTic Gaming 0:2

Lower Round 1

Guild eSports vs. FunPlus Phoenix 1:2
Leviatan vs. XSET 2:1

Upper Bracket Semi-Finals

Paper Rex vs. Fnatic 2:0
DRX vs. OpTic Gaming 1:2

Lower Quarter Finals

DRX vs. FunPlus Phoenix 0:2
Fnatic vs. Leviatan 2:1

Lower Bracket Semi-Finals

FunPlus Phoenix vs. Fnatic 2:1

Upper Bracket Final

Paper Rex vs. OpTic Gaming 2:1

Lower Bracket Final

OpTic Gaming vs. FunPlus Phoenix 1:3

Grand Final

Paper Rex vs. FunPlus Phoenix

Unusual tournament course

In the review of the Valorant Masters in Copenhagen we can speak of a very unusual tournament course. The betting odds for the eventual winner had risen to gigantic values in the intermediate phase. In the preliminary round, the eSport Clan had cheated their way into the knockout round with three mixed performances. In the first elimination match, they directly suffered a 0:2 defeat against Fnatic.

Only then the players of FunPlus Phoenix became stronger and that from match to match. In any case, the appearance in Copenhagen was worth it for the eSport team. As the winning team, FunPlus Phoenix received a proud prize money of 200,000 dollars from the organizer Riot Games. The team also received 1,000 points for the Valorant Champions Series.

The Masters tournament in the Danish capital was supported by Verizon, Prime Gaming, Secretlab, HyperX, Aim Lab, Red Bull and Sony.

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