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Champion phantom carries HARD.. *exposing losers queue*

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A new line of skins is coming soon to Valorant. The limited edition Champions 2022 design represents what it means to be a champion through a set of ambitious features created to reward play at the highest level.

Between 23 August and 21 September, 50% of all proceeds from the Champions 2022 collection will go to the participating teams. The collection is limited edition, which means it will not return to the in-game shop or the Night Market.

This year’s design includes a custom model change and two new special features of the champion aura: a visual effect that evolves with every five kills (peaking at 25) and a small butterfly knife surprise that activates with a minimum of 25 kills for the top player in the game.

A long-awaited new line of skins for Valorant

“We wanted to offer players something bold and ambitious, allowing them to show off their prowess both in the competitive queue and during the both in the competitive queue and during the VCT broadcast. To achieve this, we took many of the community’s favourite elements from Champions 2021 weapons and gave them a few fresh tweaks. We went for features that would evolve and add interest to the designs in esports broadcasts, while enhancing the sense of high-level competition that each player would experience in their individual ascension. We wanted the champion aura to motivate and feel special – it’s not something that’s easy to activate and you won’t see it very often, but when it does happen, the aim is to make it memorable,” explains Laura Baltzer, the game’s producer.

Below are the skins from the Valorant collection:


Butterfly Knife (melee).

Package info:


  • Phantom Champions 2022
  • Butterfly Knife Champions 2022
  • Champions 2022 Weapon Amulet
  • Champions 2022 Player Card
  • Champions 2022 Graffiti


Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife (Melee)
LvL 1: custom model of the Champions 2022.
LvL 2: custom gold visual effects on hit, general butterfly knife animations and spinning.
Tier 3: This tier includes the “champion’s aura”, which features three
i. The butterfly knife includes a glowing silhouette that appears when the player has more kills than anyone else in the game (ties do not work).
ii. Every five kills, the blade design evolves and becomes covered in red crystal shards. It reaches its final form after 25 kills.
iii. When the player has 25 kills and is first on the game scoreboard, they will have a custom inspection animation that represents what it means to be the champion.

Phantom Champions 2022

Level 1: Customised Champions 2022 model, Champions logo
2022 logo, glowing red bullets, customised sight.
LvL 2: Red barrel flashes in the shape of the VCT’s Spark logo, Champions 2022 anthem that plays when inspecting the weapon along with a custom animation, custom gunshot sound, an effect that activates when you get a kill and causes the Champions 2022 logo to light up.
LvL 3: Assassination emblem and finisher.
LvL 4: This level includes the champion aura which has two features:
i. The Phantom includes a glowing silhouette that appears when the player has more kills than anyone else in the game (ties do not work).
ii. Every five kills, the weapon’s design evolves and becomes covered in red crystal shards. It reaches its final form after 25 kills.

37 Replies to “Champion phantom carries HARD.. *exposing losers queue*”

One of the contributions to this is new players buying radiant accounts, I have queued with high elos and they dont even know what pinging the spike is. Its something inevitable but I hope matchmaking in this game can be better. Best of wishes to you noted

this happens to me as well, uninstall, reinstall and all of a sudden good teammates, good communication and win streak. At first I thought maybe there was some riot fuckery afoot, but after thinking about it, maybe its just when you do well the other team reports you out of anger, and when you insta lock (I insta lock reyna and other "dumb" characters as well) your team sometimes reports you for sabatage and after a bunch of reports accumulate over time, you get thrown in the "toxic" queues. Seriously, after uninstall/reinstall, teammates have good comms, are intelligent and respectful and we win. After a certain amount of time accumulates, I find my self with nothing but no-commers and people who are toxic af, and we naturally lose. Maybe when you uninstall it clears you out of the loser/toxic/highly reported queue

Yeah I have the same experience but after loosing and dropping from gold 1 to bronse 3 suddenly I start to win and climb back up but after reaching silver 3 they make me team with trash players and bronze 2 people dropping 30 bombs so I drop back to silver 1 then suddenly now I'm in a win loose win loose streak of trash players and extremely good bronze players that constantly heard shot jiggle peak counter straith. Its crazy

Öğrenciyim Aileme yük olmak istemiyorum bu kadar insandan 4-5 kişi bile görüp takip etse çok iyi olur. Şimdiden çok teşekkür ederim. Bunu sürekli belirtiyorum samimi kalın en iyi dostunuz kendinizsiniz KENDİNİZE İYİ BAKIN.

riot should really fix their matchmaking, i’ve been getting better the past couple months grinding and now every game i get in unrated is immortal players and i’m playing 2, i literally get shit on every game, and i lost like 4 in a row and i just got a game where i could actually do shit against them.

I hit immo 3, stop playing for a bit, came back and I’m hard stuck ascendent 1/D3. I don’t know what happened, but now I’m on a 10 game winning streak ascendent 3. Some of the team mates play like gold/plats. My losses were match/team MVP’s

If riot wants you to lose , you gonna lose so that's it bro. I think shroud have said about this his play 5 game his lose 5 game it weird it's look like riot want him to lose but riot said to shroud he was overthinking ….. bruh riot…..

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