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What age is it recommended for?

What makes Valorant different from other tactical shooters is that each player, in addition to their weapons, has powers to attack opponents, which gives the game a touch of fantasy genre, taking away the realism of its scenes, although it is true that when a shot is fired on an opponent you can see blood.

PEGI has rated the game for 16+ due to its “strong violence” and “depiction of violence towards human characters”.

What is the game about?

Valorant is a tactical shooter where two teams of five players are pitted against each other. In addition, the teams must place a “bomb” in a place on the map and the opponents will try to defuse it before forty-five seconds have passed. A tactical shooter stands out because players must think of a strategy according to the map and their skills to win the game.

Is it free?

The game is completely free although it should be noted that it includes micropayments. It is currently in closed beta. That is to say, only people who have an invitation will be able to play. The game is currently only available on Windows computers. To qualify for an invitation you will have to watch streamings on Twitch of other Valorant players. So if you’ve seen them spending more time on this platform lately, it’s no coincidence.

The game will be released to everyone without an invite starting this summer, so we hope we made it in time.


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