Tier One Entertainment Expanding To Japan

Although Japan is known to have created some of the biggest names in the history of eSports, their market is extremely difficult to enter. Not everyone can meet the requirements set by a very demanding audience, and there isn’t any evidence that the bar is getting lower anytime soon.

Making it big in Japan is a task not many companies would take upon themselves, and those who make the courageous move have a lot on their plates if they want to stay relevant in an ever-growing environment. One of those bold companies is Tier One Entertainment.

Successful 2021 for Tier Entertainment

Last definitely was a success in the company’s history books. After expanding to Myanmar and Vietnam, the next logical step was Japan – and they took it without hesitation. Despite all the challenges that Japan’s market offers, they had to fight COVID-19 and the additional problems it brings along. However, that didn’t stop them from pursuing their original plans, and after changing the approach they were able to increase their total reach.

Since modern problems require modern solutions, Tier One Entertainment knew that adjusting was a must, so they decided to surprise the audience by starting a reality show named “The Gaming House”. While bringing in around a thousand talented individuals from multiple show business fields to their show, they were able to gain massive viewership and prove they belong in the Japanese market.

What makes their expansion even more impressive is that they had to accommodate to different needs of different cultures, while maintaining an eye on the competition and following up with all of the markets’ requirements. The challenges they faced during these times were extremely difficult, to say the least.

Different regions of Southeast Asia required different approaches towards the audiences’ preferences. And while every company tries to be innovative and future-oriented, TOE had to balance between not being boring and satisfying traditionally established expectations of the viewers.

Next: More talent to the team

Although the conquest required massive amounts of effort and commitment, the sacrifices paid off in the end, allowing Tier One Entertainment to establish itself as a brand with a big role in not only Japan’s gaming market but in whole Southeast Asia. Their eyes are currently not set on short-term success, but more on the bigger picture they are planning to paint in the next five to ten years.

Stage one of their long-term vision has been completed, as their ultimate goal was to create brand awareness and cement their name among the big players in the market. The next step will be bringing more talent to their team, and that means not only best players and partners but also regular employees that will be there as support for their best performers.

The knowledge, experience, and wisdom they have acquired by operating in different markets will come in handy since Japan is the marketplace where subjects with a lack of quality are quickly spotted and eliminated. There is no doubt Tier One’s new business endeavors will bring along many challenges, but they have shown that they are more than ready to welcome them.