StarCraft II Most Iconic Matches You Should Rewatch

Hello, again, our fellow friends! As usual, we are trying to present you with the best esports content, and today is no different as we go back down memory lane to revisit some of the most iconic matches in StarCraft 2 history. 

Learning from the past is essential, but learning from the history of the greats is even more precious – you can learn some tricks that may have been overseen by the younger generation of players or recognize some of the mistakes they were making before the new era of gaming started.

Let’s dive in together in some of the most iconic matches and see if we can extract something from each of them.

1. Idra VS MvP

If you had to watch only one StarCraft matchup on repeat, that should probably be this one. A player that went under the “MvP” nick was one of the best, if not the very best player on the planet at the time, winning the Global StarCraft League in 2011 when this matchup was ongoing. His flashiness and style made his game a pleasure to watch, as his talent was one of the most unmatched in the world.

Idra, his opponent, was no walk in the park, being one of the crème-de-la-crop players and an elite competitor. The Shakuras Plateau witnessed the fierce battle between them that lasted way longer than a standard StarCraft 2 matchup. In order not to spoil it for you, we won’t give you the final result since the matchup was a really tense nail-biter that you will enjoy watching if you don’t know the outcome.

2. LaLush VS White-Ra

Shakuras Plateau was home to yet another great StarCraft 2 battle, as White-Ra – a player that looked unstoppable for a certain period went against LaLush, who was upcoming talent back in those days and wasn’t expected to put on a fight at all.

Everyone predicted total dominance by White-Ra, so the matchup did not attract special attention from the viewers before the start.

But, once the match began, it was more than evident that predictions were completely wrong about this one, and everyone was in awe after numerous exchanges made during the matchup. Some people dared to call the endgame battle “an utter perfection” as it was a total slugfest, thus earning the spot among some of the best StarCraft 2 matches since its creation.

The Conclusion

We hope that the matches we brought up in this article will have something valuable for you within them that could help you become better at predicting StarCraft II outcomes.

When you go down the learning path, you don’t have to do it just for the sake of learning but also to improve some practical aspects of being engaged in esports – in-game skills and online betting.

With the knowledge you accumulate over the years following StarCraft 2, you can do some serious money-making in tournaments that are ahead of us.

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