StarCraft II 2022 Event Schedule – All Events You Need To Prepare For

StarCraft II is one of the titles that stand the test of time and attracts the attention of hardcore gaming fans around the world.

Although their prize pools are not the largest in the industry, StarCraft II events are packed with high-quality players and highlights that provide excitement for everyone in the audience.

Now that July is officially behind us, and events like DH Masters Valencia, HomeStory Cup XXI, and 2022: GSL S2 – Code S are finished, it's time to prepare for the ones that await us in the coming months.


Team Liquid StarLeague 9 will be held on 4th of September 2022 in Utrecht, Netherlands. The event will be hosted in their training facility, as it is an offline type of tournament. Although it’s not one of the biggest StarCraft events, the prize pool stands at $40,000 which is a significant amount for this game.

As far as the format goes, 32 players will be competing in double-elimination brackets, the match-ups being best-of-three all the way until the semi-finals, where they will be replaced with BO5.

Best-of-seven format is reserved for the grand finale, where the champion will be determined.

In case you want to place bets for these tournaments, check out some of the guides on our websites for the best esports betting experience.

2022 GSL S3: Code S

One of the major StarCraft events will be held from 22nd of August until the 13th of October 2022 in Seoul, North Korea. The duration of the event and the number of participants tell you everything you need to know about its significance in the world of StarCraft and how big of a deal it is to win it.

The prize pool is way ahead of the other events, standing at $123,000. The quality of competition will be out of this world, so great matches are pretty much guaranteed. The champions will definitely make a lot of money, but they don’t have to be the only ones to do so – in case you want to make money through esports better, no tournament could offer a better chance for that than 2022 GSL S3: Code S, simply because of various different options you could bet on.

So, hurry up, choose your bookmaker and prepare to win some serious money through esports betting.

DH Masters Atlanta 2022

North America will host this year’s master tournament from 18th-20th of November 2022, in the city of Atlanta, Georgia World Congress Center, where 64 players will gather and compete for the prize pool of $100,000.

Once again, the huge prize pool will attract only best of the best, so the level of competition is going to be insane. Keep in mind that there is a lot of time until November, so you can test your esports knowledge by placing bets in the events before, thus mastering your betting expertise for one of the biggest SC2 events of the whole year.

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