Custom StarCraft 2 Maps You Must Check Out

In Starcraft 2’s Arcade Mode, there are roughly 100 custom maps. Given that everyone constantly plays the same custom game maps, many of these maps may not have been played. It never hurts to try out new custom maps.

Following extensive research and testing numerous custom maps, I came across ten that I enjoy playing and recommend you give a shot at least once.

1 – Monobattles

Enjoy using various unit kinds in Starcraft? Then how about playing Starcraft with just one type of unit? In Monobattles, each player chooses one unit that they will develop over the course of the whole game.

Then engage in combat with the opposition, who has also chosen only one unit. When your goal is to build a single unit over the whole game, this creates chaotic and intriguing battles where traditional builds will no longer function.

2 – Micro Macro

Can you rely on someone else to perform your micro or macro tasks? Four players compete against one another in a standard Starcraft match in Micro Macro, but there’s a catch! One participant assumes the role of the micro, and the other participant assumes the role of the macro.

Together, both players must succeed in order to win. This is enjoyable and serves as useful training for regular Starcraft 2 games by allowing players to hone their macro and micro skills.

3 – Squadron Tower Defense

Squadron Tower Defense is now the most popular custom game in the Starcraft 2 arcade in North America, and for good reason too, since it introduces a fresh and intriguing twist to the tower defense genre. Building stationary skyscrapers that don’t actually move is preferable.

Every round, a player’s towers transform into a unit that moves and engages the opposition. So it’s crucial to create the ideal towers and place them appropriately. Additionally, the variety of builders and structures to discover makes Squadron Tower Defense a very addictive game.

4 – Nexus Word Wars

The aim is rather straightforward. To win, destroy the adversary’s Nexus. But when it comes to bespoke games, things aren’t always so straightforward. Your keyboard and brains are your most powerful weapons in Nexus Word Wars.

Because typing the characters that appear above the enemy’s heads is the only way to halt their approach on your Nexus, This won’t present much of a problem to you if you can type quickly. There are challenging math problems hidden among the flurry of letters that you must solve. Do you believe you can withstand the enemy’s onslaught of challenging math problems?

5 – Desert Strike

In Desert Strike, players must construct a building that aids in the production of units at a specific moment. The size of a player’s army in the battle arena will increase as they acquire more and higher tech structures.

Players must defeat the enemy army that stands in their way in order to demolish the hostile base. The secret to winning is building the right units to oppose the opponent, as employing only one kind of unit becomes ineffective if the opposition begins to counter your army. It’s best to mix up the composition of your army and reserve your unique weapons for when they’re needed.

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