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Welcome to fabulous Chicago! | G2 Rocket League

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Rocket League: The BEST tips and tricks to learn how to play and get better

Playing Rocket League is relatively easy and everyone can do it (even more so being a free download game), but mastering the gameplay depth of this title is a big deal.

Beginner users will quickly realize that there are true experts who control every last detail of Rocket League’s controls. If you are a novice who has just started playing, then you may be interested in knowing here a few tips and tricks that will be most useful to improve in the game, win games and, ultimately, get closer to that perfection with which only a few shine on the field.

Study the physics of the ball and master them.

Veteran players are so good at controlling the ball that they are even able to carry it in front of the car wherever they want without losing it (this is achieved with a lot of practice). In general, the most common thing to do is to shoot the ball back and forth without much rhyme or reason, but you have to know how to hit it well to direct it where you want it to go. Sometimes, a good positioning is better than chasing the ball like a madman. Waiting for the right moment and hitting the ball in the most appropriate way for each situation will give you great guarantees of success.

Drifts, PowerSlide and somersaults

One of the most fundamental aspects are skids and somersaults. As for the first we have the “PowerSlide”, a skid that serves to turn the car 180 degrees by pressing left or right, but we can also use the button in conjunction with the brake to close the skid more. This comes in handy both to attack if we pass the ball and to turn around when we are defending or make epic saves on the goal line.

Take advantage of the turbo

Taking advantage and knowing how to use the turbo is one of the most important parts in Rocket League, the playing field is full of power-ups that give us turbo energy and there are two types:

Some power-ups fill us a small portion of the turbo and others (the ones with a ball) fill us the whole turbo, these are distributed along the boundaries of the field, three on each side of the field.
When we are going to attack the turbo is perfect to take advantage of counterattacks or go for the ball as fast as possible. In defense, exactly the same but in reverse; it is very important to reserve a small portion of turbo to be able to get to our goal quickly in case a rejection in attack favors a counterattack and the rivals are alone in front of our goal. Or to be able to propel us in the air if an aerial ball arrives.

How to fly and play aerial

Apart from knowing how to use the somersaults we can also use the double jump without direction or button to fly with the car.

  • Flying comes in handy: in attack to be able to finish off high balls with the nose to ensure where we want the ball to go, or to clear aerial balls in defense.
  • Once in the air: by using the turbo we can also extend the time we are flying and even control the direction of movement of the car.
  • To have greater control in the air game: it allows us to perform chopped shots, balls left in the opponent’s goal, centered passes and much more.

Play as a team

Rocket League mimics European soccer, and as such, soccer has always been a team sport. Although it is possible to play only 1 vs 1, matches are generally played in teams in which we are accompanied. Remember this at all times as alone you will not do much, whereas if you rely on your teammates the probability of victory increases.

If you play with friends or if you can communicate by voice, you will be able to strategize and coordinate quickly. This is vital for setting up crosses, clarifying who goes on the attack, deciding who stays on the defensive, asking for help at a key moment, or fitting in perfect passes.

Squeeze out every cross

At the start of any game and after a goal, a kick-in is taken. Here it is important to always go for the ball, as it is a moment where goals can easily be scored and we must not give the opponents the opportunity to hit the ball without resistance.

If we are straight to the ball: by accelerating at full throttle and braking just before reaching the ball, the ball will always go straight to goal.
When we go out to the sides: and once we have mastered how to hit the ball, it will be just as easy to always send the ball to goal. We simply have to arrive diagonally and on impact hit it head on by turning a little as if we had gone straight towards the ball.

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If anyone's watching this and wanting a MUCH better montage of what Chicago is capable of, check out "Addicted" on rocket league FX's channel: https://youtu.be/oHBLlZ9M89M

btw, this was over half a year ago. He's gotten so much more solid since then, on top of being mechanically insane. Definitely could see him lifting the RLCS trophy at some point. Huge replacement grab for G2.

don't think they made a right move kro was scoring goals and helping rizzo at back chichago is a striker rizzo is gonna suffer at the back on hos own the thing is they got knocked out twice the past 2 rlcs but they dominated league play pretty much it's like the pressure at las vegas was holding them back. I can't see g2 going far without kro

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