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This Kickoff Strat Just BROKE Pros… ROCKET LEAGUE

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Tips to help you improve in Rocket League

Each Rocket League mechanic can be exploited in many ways, but the first steps are not to stop trying hard and, above all, not to forget to have fun. We don’t want you to become a professional player, but at least you know some techniques that can help you, with this guide we tell you some useful tips.

Master the control of your car

The most important thing is that you know how to control your car. If you can’t master it, it’s impossible to feel comfortable and satisfied with every move you make in matches. There are a few ways to work on your car control, such as training modes and obstacle courses. In these courses you will be able to get the most out of your vehicle and become better with its controls.

Play more than one mode

Once you start playing Rocket League, it’s very easy to get hooked on its gameplay and think of a game routine. However, don’t just stick to thinking about the normal gameplay with 3vs3 battles, for example, but switch from this mode whenever you can, as many times that can be the reason that allows you to improve in certain areas and, at the same time, learn the tactics of each mode.

Keep the ball in the air

You may ask yourself, and why? Well, it is important that you know how to control the ball by itself, but if you do it in the air and in your own way, the ball will only be touched by you, which will help you to direct it where you like. It may be complicated at first, but little by little you will end up learning to keep it in the air longer.

Be careful with the use of momentum

At the beginning you probably only have in your head “go for the ball as fast as possible”, but the most important thing is not to continuously use the limited momentum, as sometimes it is better to save it for other occasions. It is a very good idea to manage the momentum and maintain that speed, because, in that way, the momentum rather than seeing it limited, you will be able to get much more out of it and the bar will not be fully consumed.

Play 1vs1 against someone better than you

Apart from playing another mode, if you do it with a 1vs1 it can help you a lot. At first it is not a very attractive mode, as seeing you face to face against a person and knowing that you are learning, can not be very rewarding. However, the best thing about this mode is to get someone better than you to play against you, basically so they can help you improve and tell you what mistakes or problems they see in the way you play.

Check the video replays

This is like the typical VAR in soccer. In the end the replays of all your own games and seeing you from another perspective will help you perfectly to know both the good and the bad. These videos are valuable and you can keep them in mind to get an idea of how the whole team makes decisions: how they rotate, in which way they rotate and to get an idea of the general rhythm of the whole team.

Try new cars

In the guide on the best cars in Rocket League, we explained which are the really good free cars and the Octane became the most used. However, once you’ve got your hands on a car and know how to control it fairly well, you can move on to other cars like the Dominus which can be a great way to get a whole new feel for the game. Play a different car each week and see how you feel when you’re done.

Learn to rotate with other players

When you’re just starting out, positioning is the most important thing to pay attention to. It may seem like everyone is running after the ball, but once you play for a while, you may start to notice the need to rotate. Whatever mode it is, the goal should never be unattended, so if one or two players push up to attack, one should stay in defense. In the end it is a similar mechanic to soccer, you will have to know how to communicate well with your teammates.

Don’t chase the ball all the time

Just as it is quite important to know how to rotate with other players, not chasing the ball continuously is something you should learn from the beginning. Instinct will tell you to hit the ball every time it comes near, but no, it’s better sometimes to stay back and assess who is in a better position to make the best front of the ball, or the best assist on a goal. In many cases, you’ll find it’s your turn to drop back and defend, even if it’s not, dropping back to defend is the best and safest option. Don’t become obsessed with always striking the ball.

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