Rocket League – Version1 & Ninjas in Pyjamas Making Changes

By signing The Club core of Bernardo #Bemmz Siqueira Marta and Luiz Fellipe #Aztromick Lopes Gomes, Ninjas in Pyjamas are anticipated to finally make their long-awaited debut in Rocket League esports. After leaving FURIA but being unable to find a home in North America, Caio #CaioTG1 Testi Vinicius will round out the lineup.

Meanwhile, the news broke out that Robert #comm Kyser will stay with Version1 team for the RLCS 2022–23 Winter Split as a result of Finlay #rise Ferguson’s switch failing to materialize.

Same Old Version Of Version1

The move of the 19-year-old was apparently cancelled after rise and Version1 were unable to come to an agreement. He was supposedly on his way to OpTic Gaming to replace Christopher #majicbear Acevedo.

Comm will continue to play alongside Landon #BeastMode Konerman and Kyle #torment Storer on the roster now that the Englishman is headed to Oxygen Esports.

The effects of these new developments, particularly those related to Majicbear’s impending expulsion from OpTic Gaming, are anticipated to spread quickly. Even though comm will prolong his time with the V1 company, which he joined in November 2020, his long-term relationship with the group is under jeopardy.

One also has to question how his mindset will change going into the Winter Split after being added back to a team from which he was previously cut. Due in large part to his consistency over the entire year, he was ranked 19th in our rating of the Top 20 Players of 2022. He has had remarkable success thus far throughout his tenure, including two Regional Event victories.

Ninjas In Pyjamas Have Arrived

A well-known Swedish esports team called Ninjas in Pyjamas rose to prominence in Counter-Strike 1.6. The organization, which has roots in the early 2000s, regularly competed in the upper echelons of the sport and won a number of championships. The organization saw the formation of a renowned esports roster in 2012, which went on to rule the first few years of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

It had players with names like Patrik #f0rest Lindberg and Christopher #GeT RiGhT Alesund, and it went on an 87-0 map win streak that led to ten straight tournament victories. After this, Ninjas in Pyjamas became a well-known esports brand with teams in Valorant, League of Legends, and Dota 2.

When Ninjas in Pyjamas entered the scene, the deal that Aztromic, Bemmz, and Arthur #drufinho Langsch Miguel were negotiating to sign with KRÜ Esports collapsed. Earlier in the window, they were each given consideration by a North American group, but they chose to remain in their own countries.

CaioTG1 did investigate a variety of choices throughout the window, including tryouts with numerous North American companies, but in the confusion, he was unable to locate a location in the area. The group decided to team up for the Winter Split, and it will be more than interesting to see how they’ll manage their first RLCS steps.

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