Rocket League – Turinturo Gets a Chance From Team XSET While Evoh is Sidelined

Jordan “Evoh” has been dropped from the active roster by XSET following a difficult start to the year. Leonardo “Turinturo” Wilson, a replacement, will be tested by the organization in the Regain competition for bubble teams.

Evoh made his RLCS debut in the qualifying round for the RLCS 2022-23 Fall Open, playing with Oliver “percy” and Jalen “fast” Parker. Kenneth Ortiz for XSET, but it undoubtedly wasn’t the promising beginning they had anticipated.

XSET lost their first three games against G2, Rogue, and Akrew in the Top 16 Qualifier, where they were seeded. As a result, they were given a second chance to qualify for the Main Event in the Closed Qualifier. However, XSET once again finished last and was eliminated from the Swiss Stage.

Evoh is only 15 years old and has no prior experience competing in major competitions. He has excelled in 1v1 show bouts, but his most recent 3v3 performance is lacking.

Evoh’s rating during the 22 games they played in the RLCS qualifications averaged 0.65, which was the lowest mark in the competition. Another disappointing performance at the Roster Royale this offseason shows that Evoh clearly struggled to establish himself on the club.

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