Rocket League – Team NRG Forced To Switch Coaches – EPICJohny Ready To Become Leader of The Team

Teams from North America have recently started a trend of bringing in reinforcements, and their moves have shaken up the entire Rocket League market, as well as the entire gaming community. However, something went wrong for the team NRG right at the start of the season, so they will have to do something before things get out of control.

In turn of the recent failures, NRG is prepared to release the current coach and replace him with his substitute, hoping that this move can bring a much needed shock to the players and introduce a new wave of success to the franchise.

What went wrong?

Emiliano “Sizz” Benny, head coach of NRG, may be fired as a result of the team’s terrible performance in the Closed Qualifiers. Jonathan “EPICJonny” Ramrattan, the current substitute on the squad, is anticipated to take his position.

Many people thought the team of Garrett “GarrettG” Gordon, Mariano “SquishyMuffinz,” and Justin “jstn” Morales was poised to upend things after just placing in the top eight at worlds. Even despite hopes of being potential global champions and dominating both the Fall and Winter Split, the squad was no longer a danger.

After the offseason was over, the team made the mistake of sticking together, which would backfire as they failed to place in the top 8 for the Fall Open. The question of whether NRG could do well enough in the second Regional to receive an invitation for the third puzzled many fans.

But it’s as unexpected to choose to maintain the current roster and hire a new coach. Sizz has been in charge of NRG for three years, having helped the team during RLCS Seasons 8, 9, and X, as well as the 2021–22 campaign. His coaching accomplishments include winning the World Championship in Madrid, dominating RLCS X, and finishing a close second in the 2021–22 Fall Major. NRG has just recently been unable to live up to their reputation as one of North America’s top.

EPICJonny’s appointment to the coaching staff gives NRG faith that they can resolve their lingering problems. This transition has the potential to do wonders because EPICJonny and jstn have a strong relationship because to their time spent working together under Out of Style.

The Conclusion

This latest change within NRG’s roster makes them regain some hope in a crowded North American competition. The momentum change they needed might be brought with the new coach, so it will be interesting to see if they click together and create the chemistry that will last them throughout the whole season, and possibly lead them in a better direction.

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