Rocket League – Team Gamers First Plans On Adding ARG To Their Roster

Before the RLCS 2022–23, Gamers First is anticipated to sign the whole Spanish-speaking roster of ARG, which includes Marc “MaRc By 8” Domingo Ruiz, Sergio “AtomiK” Pérez Cortés, Ivan “DORITO” Ruiz Jiménez, and Javier “Kael” Ojeda.

The Changes So Far

Kenny Vaccaro, a former NFL safety, created Gamers First in December 2021. They are well-known in Halo and Destiny 2. Lj “Renz” Browne, a well-known figure in the Rocket League community and a previous co-founder of Kansas City Pioneers, was recently hired by the organization to serve as its president.

Gamers First consequently narrowed its focus to a prominent European Rocket League Esports squad. ARG was viewed as the ideal candidate since she combined talent, chemistry, and experience. She will probably compete for the top honor in Europe.

After weeks of a Spanish roster turnover, which included players like Cristian “crr” Fernandez, who finally signed for Complexity Gaming in North America, the team was founded around MaRc By 8 earlier this month. When crr decided to relocate across the Atlantic, AtomiK’s plans to consider other possibilities were reversed, and Dorito, a former Guild Esports player, was added to the team as the final player.

New Goals

MaRc By 8 will be attempting to regain the form that saw him contribute significantly to Team BDS’s domination in the years 2020 and 2021. In April 2022, Team BDS decided to create a French superteam, and the Spanish player was benched as a result. Following the conclusion of the RLCS 2021–22, he recently became free agency after failing to secure a transfer during the Spring split. Following his departure from Team BDS earlier this month, Kael, the former coach of MaRc By 8, has made the decision to join the roster for the RLCS 2022–23.

Kael joined ARG as a manager in 2019, the year MaRc By 8 was founded, and has a lengthy history with the company. Gamers First’s entry into European esports will be through ARG, and this is a big step for a young American firm. The crew is now in North America getting acquainted with the company, bootcamping for the upcoming season, and completing media needs for Gamers First.

Following players will be on the Gamers First roster for the upcoming season:

  • Sergio “AtomiK” Perez
  • Ivan “DORITO” Ruiz
  • Marc “MaRc_By_8” Domingo
  • Adrian “ByMateos” Mateos (sub)
  • Javier “Kael” Ojeda (C)

This latest addition to Gamers First’s roster makes them contenders once again in a crowded European competition. The depth they needed might finally be there, so it will be interesting to see if they click together and create the chemistry that will last them throughout the whole season, and possibly lead them all the way to the title.

If you are a Gamers First fan, these news are truly a reason to celebrate, but even if you’re not, you should be happy as this means that the matches in front of us will be filled with nothing but pure action.

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