Rocket League – Team Endpoint Refreshes The Roster With Crispy, Simas, and Deevo

Teams from both Europe and North America have recently started a trend of bringing in reinforcements, and their moves have shaken up the entire Rocket League market, as well as the entire gaming community.

Team Endpoint went on to look for a new team, after unveiling their 2021–22 roster. This move was inspired by many different factors, and they are hoping it will bring a new wave of success to the franchise.

With the addition of David “Deevo” Morrow, Shaun “Crispy” Tafara Murindagomo, and Simas “simas” Gurskis, Endpoint CeX will continue competing in the European RLCS environment following the dissolution of the team from last season.

Their Road So Far

After losing to SMPR Esports and Spacestation Gaming, Endpoint CeX placed 13th–16th at the World Championship in the previous season. Along with World Champions Team BDS, they were one of just two teams in Europe to earn spots in all three Majors and the World Championship.

Lucas “RelatingWave” Rose, Otto “Metsanauris” Kaipiainen, and Enzo “Seikoo” Grondein made up the trio of Endpoint CeX at the start of the season. They entered the Fall Major as the #1 overall seed after winning two of the season’s first three Regional Events. The group entered the Winter Split after placing fifth through eighth in the competition.

The British team struggled at the Winter Major, placing ninth through twelfth, and changed its roster. In exchange, they acquired Archie “archie” Pickthall on loan from SMPR Esports and traded standout player Seikoo to Team BDS.

The Changes So Far

The new lineup, which included archie, RelatingWave, and Metsanauris, was eligible for the Spring Major but finished 13th–16th after going 0–2. The group’s season was then over after they achieved the same outcome at the World Championship.

Archie’s loan is coming to an end, and Endpoint CeX is currently finalizing the contracts of their new team members as well as those of Metsanauris, RelatingWave, and coach Aron “Eclipse” Jones. Deevo’s final season with Guild Esports was 2021–2022, which was distinguished by their run to a second-place finish at the Gamers8 LAN.

He has participated in RLCS Season 1 qualifying and every RLCS season afterwards, making him a real season veteran. Additionally, he is an RLCS World Champion, having triumphed with Northern Gaming in Season 3.

Crispy played in one tournament for WYLDE during the Spring Split of the previous season when he made his RLCS debut, although he has been involved in the bubble scene since the beginning of 2020.

He participated in that event with simas, who has been a part of the bubble scene for almost three years and who also had his RLCS debut with WYLDE last year. Jaka “Keda” Kedai, who formerly served as the head coach of the WYLDE team, has also been hired by Endpoint CeX.

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