Rocket League – Team DarkZero Entering RLCS 2022-23 Through The Front Door

Another organization, DarkZero, wants to get in the game as NA’s rostermania draws to a close. For the RLCS 2022–23 season, they will be acquiring Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver, Kadin “Zineel” Zineelabidine, and Jacob “JPow” Powell.

Due to how close roster lock was, many people thought Turbopolsa would be retiring. However, the four-time world champion still intends to lift the championship with new talent by his side.

The Quick Recap

Zineel was one of the more sought-after players when the offseason first started, and many people thought he would join a club that would seriously contend. His performance with torrent in AAA Challenger Series – Super Event 2 earned them the victory and enhanced their profile as the following big team.

However, the group broke up, forcing Zineel to look for another team to showcase his abilities. There is no better indicator of quality than a late-night 2v2 tournament, therefore his recent victory in the Hoodyhoo 2v2 competition is another another reason to think he is the top player in NA.

JPow’s talent should not be disregarded even though he hasn’t been mentioned among the top NA performers. His mechanical prowess may be the catalyst for this group, as seen by his outstanding accomplishments in competitions unrelated to the RLCS. Unfortunately, he has had a lot of problems during his time in the RLCS.

Despite being a part of notable teams like Stromboli and XSET, they have fallen short of expectations. Hopefully, JPow can put on a show for the North American scene with the experience of seasoned veteran Turbopolsa and the raw talent of Zineel.

The Conclusion

Following players should be the anticipated DarkZero core lineup for the RLCS 2022–23 season:

  • “Powell Jacob “JPow”
  • “Turbopolsa” Pierre Silfver
  • “Zineel Zineelabidine Kadin”

Team DarkZero managed to pull this move due to a great long-term vision from the staff, but also with a little bit of luck as well. Hopefully they will find the way to bring the guys together and create a chemistry that’s sufficient for making it to the later stages of the championship.

It will be quite interesting to see young talents mixed together and forced to compromise for the team’s benefit. If they show the maturity that is expected of them, this roster can do wonders and make a run that will be remembered for a long time.

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