Rocket League – Guild Esports Refreshes The Roster With Accro, LuiisP, and Stake

Teams from both Europe and North America have recently started a trend of bringing in reinforcements, and their moves have shaken up the entire Rocket League market, as well as the entire gaming community.

Guild Esports went on to sign a new team, after unveiling their 2021–22 roster. This move was inspired by many different factors, and they are hoping it will bring a new wave of success to the franchise.

David “Deevo” Morrow has been released, and Ivan “Dorito” Ruiz Jiménez and Cristian “crr” Fernandez have moved on to ARG and Complexity Gaming, respectively.

As a result, Guild Esports is getting ready to sign a new lineup. Marc “Stake” Bosch Plujà, Luis “LuiisP” Puente Pea, and Aston “accro” Smith will join them for the upcoming season.

Guild Esports – Quick Rewind

Last year, Guild Esports had a challenging season, placing 14th in the European standings and only taking part in five of the nine RLCS competitions. Their performance in the Gamers8 LAN in Saudi Arabia, where they came in second to FURIA Esports and took home a $300,000 prize, was the highlight of their campaign.

Karmine Corp was Stake’s original partner at the start of the previous season, but when the roster fell short of expectations, he was benched and signed by Williams Resolve before the Spring Split.

With Karmine Corp, he participated in all six tournaments that were possible, but Williams Resolve was unable to qualify for any of the regional competitions during the Spring Split. LuiisP participated in six RLCS events while playing for Natus Vincere, also known as NAVI, during the previous season.

Last year, third man accro made his RLCS debut with WYLDE by competing in the opening Spring Split event. Francisco “Arleyobi” González has also been hired by Guild Esports to lead the team. Prior to taking on the role of assistant coach when Benjamin “Eversax” Wagner joined the club before the Spring Split, he spent the entire previous season working with Karmine Corp, helping them through two difficult splits. Then, following the Spring Major, he quit the group.

The Conclusion

This latest addition to Guild Esports’ roster makes them contenders once again in a crowded European competition. The depth they needed might finally be there, so it will be interesting to see if they click together and create the chemistry that will last them throughout the whole season, and possibly lead them all the way to the title.

If you are a Guild Esports’ fan, these news are truly a reason to celebrate, but even if you’re not, you should be happy as this means that the matches in front of us will be filled with nothing but pure action.

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