Rocket League – FURIA Waves CaioTG1, DarkZero Starts Rebuilding

#DarkZero #Esports intends to break ways with Kadin #Zineel Zineelabidine and Jacob #JPow Powell following a dismal Fall Split. In an effort to achieve greater outcomes, the new roster is anticipated to be centered around Pierre #Turbopolsa Silfver.

Caio #CaioTG1 Testi Vinicius will be leaving #FURIA after being disqualified from the #RLCS 2022–23 Fall Major. Only two months have passed since the roster was moved to North America before the decision was made.

FURIA’s Furry

Following appearances at all three Majors in RLCS 2021–2022 and a third–fourth place finish in the World Championship, FURIA took the bold step of moving to North America, forgoing a simpler path to the Majors in order to foster competitive advancement.

The choice was made in response to a report from Esports Insider that the company planned to open an esports center in Miami, Florida. With two fifth- to eighth-place performances at the first two Regionals and an early exit from the Swiss Stage of the Fall Invitational, the Brazilian team’s journey has not been easy. The squad is now ranked joint seventh in the North American RLCS 2022–23 Rankings after failing to earn a spot in the Fall Major.

Due to their failure to qualify for the Fall Major, FURIA is anticipated to modify their lineup by cutting ties with CaioTG1. Many people consider CaioTG1 to be one of the greatest South American Rocket League players of all time. CaioTG1 was a founding member of the first FURIA team back in early 2021.

CaioTG1 has won five international LANs while representing FURIA, won Gamers8 2022 with teammates Yan #yanxnz Xisto Nolasco and Gabriel #caard, and has won seven regional championships. CaioTG1 will look at opportunities throughout the continent with the goal of continuing to compete there.

FURIA will continue to be aggressive in their search for a CaioTG1 replacement and will consider a number of candidates over the Winter transfer season. The group hasn’t ruled out switching from using its native tongue for communication. Early indications in North America indicate that FURIA will consider hiring Justin #jstn Morales in the upcoming weeks after he just missed qualifying for the Fall Major with NRG.

The company will also consider alternatives abroad, especially in its old home continent of South America, where a number of talents may be chosen. The process is still in its early stages, and FURIA’s options will probably change depending on the outcomes of the Fall Major.

DarkZero Starting Over

The lineup has drawn criticism after failing to qualify for the Fall Open and the Fall Cup. Would this team attempt it once more? Do they require extra time to bond? If DarkZero wanted to restore the hegemony that Turbopolsa had exercised over the world, a change looked to be urgently required because the squad was not a challenge to the top of North America.

Despite the fact that JPow and Zineel were both sought-after players in North America, Turbopolsa will continue to look for individuals that can help him reach the largest stage.

We don’t know which players has Turbopolsa practiced with yet. The seasoned veteran intends to remain in North America and aspires to form a superteam to resurface on the scene.

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