Rocket League – February’s Trade window recap 22-23

For a while, it appared like the trade window that followed the RLCS 2022-23 Fall Split would be remembered as one of Rocket League’s most laid-back trade windows. The best teams in Oceania, South America and the Middle East all underwent big changes, but there didn’t seem to be much movement among the European and North American elite. The speculation was that Finlay #rise Ferguson will replace Robert #comm Kyser in Version1. This sparked a flurry of random roster adjustments, virtually all of which were ultimately canceled when rise’s relocation failed.

North America

When the Version1 transfer was ruled out, a number of movements, beginning in North America were unexpectedly canceled. In light of Comm’s decision to leave OpTic Gaming, Christopher #majicbear Acevedo was rehired. The 18 year old was headed to Dignitas, where Robbie #delta Zager nedded to be replaced. The kid, Evoh, who was without a team after being benched on XSET following the Fall Open, was ultimately their man.

The American took the position of Anthony #ZPS Marcello Perez, who added Gwil #creamz Muir of Lil Step Bros to the new DarkZero Esport team to battle with four-time global champion Pierre #Turbopolsa Silver. Dylan #Flitz Taussig filled the void left by creamz and led his new squad to the Bubble Classic championship game.

However, the signing of the Club star Gabriel #Lostt Buzon by Furia was by far the most well-known move in North America. The 17 year old was brought in to give it fresh life.


Thing were more peaceful on the other side of the water. Just hours before the transfer window closed, Rise joined Oxygen Esports and replaced Ole #oaly van Doorn, leaving the Dutchman without a team for the Winter Split. Heet’s Charles #juicy Sabiani, young Frenchman earned a spot on the Fall Mayor runners-up after displaying some flashes of briliance throughout the Fall Split.

Two other Closed Qualifier teams also made changes in the offseason. Endpoint brought Emre #Emre Akbalik out of the retirement to replace Simas #simas Gurskis, who teamed up on Canyons for the first Regional.

Last but not least, Guild Esports has adopted the practice of adding an inexperienced player to imrpove their prospects. Their new man, Karl #Gomb Gamblin, helped his squad with a 3-1 record which enabled them qualify for the Winter open.

 South America

Moving on to South America, the departure of Lostt has led to the arrival of two well-known esports figures there. CaioTG1 resumes his reign over the area, while Ninjas in Pyjamas, a Swedish organization eventually bit the bullet and entered Rocket League by signing the veteran with Luiz Fellipe #Aztromick Lopes Gomes, and Bernardo #Bemmz Siqueira Marta. The area was forced to quickly adapt, after Aztromick and Bemmz’s transfer to KRU Esports was postponed owing to the Great One’s reappearance.

Now that the dust has settled, we’ll see how the teams will cope with new arrivals and also departures.

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