Rocket League – Esports Awards Nominees Names Announced

The start of the seventh annual Esports Awards is coming up as another year comes to an end. The annual Esports Awards, which will take place on December 13th, honor the competitive gaming sector.

The program recognizes the best Esports competitors, casters, teams, venues, designers, and creators in a number of award categories. Eight different categories, beginning with Esports Team of the Year, have Rocket League representation in the 2022 version of the awards ceremony.

Team of the Year

The Esports Team of the Year category is determined by which teams have continuously been regarded as the “team to beat” over the course of the previous 12 months. Team BDS’s Rocket League roster made the nominees list among prominent teams like LOUD’s VALORANT squad and FaZe’s Call of Duty team.

The ideal candidate for Rocket League Esports is Team BDS because their original lineup, which included Evan #M0nkey M00n Rogez, Marc #MaRc By 8 Domingo, Alex #Extra Paoli, and coach Javier #Kael Ojeda, easily won the RLCS Fall Major in December 2021 by defeating NRG in two best-of-seven games.

Due to the fact that it occurred inside the requisite 12-month period, it still counts toward the 2022 reward. In August of this year, the team also triumphed in the biggest World Championship competition in esports history.

Enzo #Seikoo Grondein, a rising star, and Théo #Mew Ponzoni, a candidate for Esports Coach of the Year, stood in for Marc. Additionally, Team BDS succeeded at the regional level, winning three out of the nine RLCS European Regional competitions from 2021 to 22.

Rookie of the Year

A controller player who has recently begun competing in high-level competitions and who has displayed “amazing ability and calmness” and “achieved competitive success” in their particular game is given the title of Esports Controller Rookie of the Year.

Since the start of the circuit period, the Rocket League Esports scene has seen a number of rookies ascend to the top since the Open Qualifier format has made it much simpler for new players to suddenly become popular. Seikoo of Team BDS and Axel #Vatira Touret of Karmine Corp. stood out among these rookies.

After serving his one-season suspension from RLCS X, Seikoo joined Team Endpoint at the start of RLCS 2021–22. Before switching to Team BDS prior to the 2021–22 Spring Split, he will guide Endpoint to two EU Regional victories and two RLCS international Majors. With his new team, Seikoo won two consecutive EU Regionals and a World Championship there.

During the BDS’s struggle to regain the top spot in Europe, Grondein was unquestionably the X-factor on the field. During the World Championship Grand Finals, Seikoo had the highest rating of all the players in the lobby with a 1.122. His team and he would be nominated for the Esports Awards Team of the Year after that performance and others like it.

Along with Seikoo, Vatira burst through the bubble, making it to consecutive RLCS Major grand finals along with Joe #Joyo Young and Finlay #rise Ferguson. Under the Team Queso and Moist Esports banners, the team finished second in the RLCS Winter Major and first in the RLCS Spring Major, respectively. After a thrilling series against FURIA, the squad was then eliminated in the quarterfinals of the RLCS World Championship.

With Karmine Corp, Vatira’s success has multiplied, and he and colleagues Brice #ExoTiiK Bigeard and Amine #Itachi Benayachi are seeded first for the RLCS 2022-23 Fall Major. Vatira has demonstrated his ability to make a difference on whichever team he plays for. With 78 goals in the RLCS 2022–23 Fall Split alone, he presently leads his team and region in goals. He styles on opponents and is a fierce striker.

Player of the Year

A controller player who has excelled in performance during the last year is named the Esports Controller Player of the Year. The only difference between the requirements and the Esports Rookie of the Year is that you must have only recently begun competing in top-tier tournaments during the year in question. Whatever the case, Seikoo is nominated together with his teammate M0nkey M00n and South American star Yan #yanxnz Xisto Nolasco.

The RLCS X performance was sufficient to earn M0nkey M00n the Esports Controller Rookie of the Year award, making him the only Rocket League professional to win a category at the Esports Awards. His performance during BDS’s World Championship run was unmatched, and he finished with the highest rating in the competition.

Seikoo, another member of his team, finished the competition in fifth place with a rating of 1.156. Yanxnz has had a standout season with FURIA, despite the fact that his ratings for Worlds don’t place him in the top ten. With top-six results at both the RLCS Winter and Spring Majors and a top-4 finish in the RLCS World Championship, he and his team established RLCS Major and World Championship records as the highest-placing South American team.

When FURIA triumphed at Gamers8 2022, they made history by becoming the first SAM team to ever win an international LAN. Yanxnz represented the team in the 1v1 games in each series, which was crucial to FURIA’s victory in the event.

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