Rocket League Championship Series North American Swiss Stage – Matchups You Should Not Miss

RLCS is probably the biggest Rocket League event during the year, so it’s understandable that all eyes will be pointed towards its stage where many well-known teams will go against each other in order to earn their spot in the playoffs.

Let’s get straight to the point and check out some of the matchups that will probably lighten up the tournament!

Team 26 Rising vs G2 Esports

G2 Esports started the previous season with a 5th–8th place finish before making it to the Grand Finals of the second event. This season, they are off to an even better start with a 3rd–4th place finish. They routinely outperformed the first Regional from previous season in the second Regional, which would guarantee at the very least a Grand Finals trip this time.

By doing so, they would probably secure their place in Rotterdam or, at the absolute least, have a very good chance. Their first opponents are 26 RISING, who lost to NRG in the Closed Qualifier for the lone time. They’ll be a risky, unproven foe who has the potential to surprise G2 Esports in the opening round.

Team Rogue vs Spacestation Gaming

Spacestation Gaming will try to make up for missing out on the Fall Major last season after falling to Complexity Gaming in a tiebreaker. However, just one member of that squad is still present, and as long as Daniel “Daniel” Piecenski was on the lineup, they never missed a LAN event.

Rogue has been a mainstay of the RLCS for a number of seasons, but after failing to win the Fall Open, they will need to recover spectacularly to advance to their first LAN event since the Season 7 World Championship.

Team AXLE vs Shopify Rebellion

Shopify Rebellion, the unexpected winner of the Fall Open, is on a mission to demonstrate that their triumph wasn’t an accident and that they are capable of winning the Major. They’ll probably need to make it back to the semifinals, if not at least the Playoffs.

They will need to get off to a quick start against Team AXLE if they want to achieve that goal of earning a high seed. Team AXLE’s last performance was 1-3, and while they have already secured a berth in the Fall Invitational, they will be aiming to improve on that mark.

Team Dignitas vs Team Version1

After finishing the previous season by competing in the final three LAN tournaments, Version1 is hoping to get back on track. After placing between fifth and eighth in the first Regional, they aren’t yet in danger, but to avoid it, they’ll need to do well in the Fall Cup.

They begin with Dignitas, who had a poor performance in previous outing (1-3), but had some promising moments. Given that 75% of teams with 1-0 starts in the Fall Open made it to the Playoffs, the winner of this contest will have a good chance of doing so.

Complexity vs OpTic

The previous time these two teams faced off, OpTic Gaming reverse-swept Complexity Gaming in the fifth round to advance to the Playoffs and send Complexity Gaming packing. This was the greatest series of the Swiss Stage.

The 8:57 overtime in Game Four of the series, which OpTic Gaming won as they eventually made it, was the series’ high point. In order to move up the standings, Complexity Gaming will be trying to avoid another 0-2 start, while OpTic Gaming will be aiming to return to the Playoffs and push for a slot in the Fall Major.

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