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Psyonix Added BAKKESMOD To Rocket League

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If you are a Rocket League player who aspires to reach the illustrious heights of the great champion ranks, or even to be signed by a professional team, one thing you will need to do is train and practice hard to be the best you can be, you can do this by playing lots of matches and you can also use the training section of the game to practice set shots, air saves and play in free play mode. However, when you start playing among the elite players that the game has to offer. This training can become predictable and stale, which is where Bakkesmod comes in.


This mod first emerged in 2017 and was nothing more than a mod that threw the ball around in free play mode. Giving players the opportunity to practice redirects and board shots. Although this mod has had a massive revamp since then. Offering a plethora of amazing features that make it much easier to train and makes customisation and map and skin design a possibility as well.Since its humble beginnings, Bakkesmod has become an essential mod for avid Rocket League fans. Whether you want to train, customise or design, this mod is perfectly suited to your needs.


Bakkesmod has a number of basic features and additional add-ons that really add to the core gameplay to improve player trainability, game knowledge, stat availability and overall aesthetics. If you download it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without these changes in the original version. Here’s a summary of the best features the mod has to offer.


The first thing you’ll probably use are the additions this mod adds to the free-to-play game. By using the d-pad, you can throw the ball and make it do different things. If you want to practice dribbling, you can make the ball land directly on the bonnet of the car. If you want to practise redirections or board shots, you can make the ball be thrown in the desired direction. Or maybe you want to practice wall, roll or rebound shots. Well, the mod has room for that too, allowing you to master all aspects of the game.


Another feature that is amazing and actually offers some variation from the set of 10 aerial shots you’ll attempt in conventional training is the freeze function. You can freeze a ball in the air, allowing you to practice getting to the ball even in the most awkward places. This can also be perfect for rumble players, as this happens in matches very often.


There is also the MMR function in the mod. This allows you to not only see your score in the matchmaking ranking, but also allows you to see the score of other players. This means that you can evaluate your score when entering matches, you can know how much is at stake to win or lose the match you are in. In addition, you can find out how much more or less your score is after each game you have played. This is a great feature for players who have serious ranked matches and want to keep track of their scores throughout their gaming session.


This also allows you to try out any items you want to test before you buy. It allows you to try out other paint variants, see what suits each car best and if you really want to. You can simply keep them on throughout your matches to see how it looks in matches. It’s a great tool to make a wish list of items you’d love to get and evaluate what looks good with each vehicle. You can also play competitive matches with your desired items on the screen, but remember that they won’t appear unless you own them against other players.


Another feature this mod offers is shot variability. Not only can you mirror the shots in the training package and freely jump between them. You can also add a randomness to the shot. The mod will adjust your initial speed, ball movement, ball location or ball spin. Offering slight variations in shots and giving you shots that are unpredictable, more like match situations.

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I was just testing stuff and I had the idea to start pressing random buttons, and then I figured this out. But the thing is, the controls for it weren't on the top left side. Maybe because it was 4 days ago (exactly). And maybe because it was still in testing.

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