Ritter Sport Ingame – the first gamer chocolate

The eSports scene is a thriving market, which every now and then is also good for a little something special that rather invites a smile. Ritter Sport – one of Germany’s best-known chocolate manufacturers – announced a few days ago that it was launching its own gamer chocolate.

The basis for the special commitment is that Ritter Sport has already been on board as a sponsor of OKA Gaming for some time. Together with the eSports organization, one or the other marketing campaign is now to be run.

In-game – new, square, practical, good

Ritter Sport is launching its gamer chocolate under the name “Ingame”. The confectionery manufacturer emphasizes in its statement that it wants to give gamers a real energy boost with “Ingame”. At the same time, however, the chocolate producer points out that “Ingame” will only be available temporarily. The gamer chocolate can be ordered in Ritter Sport’s online store. Furthermore, the special edition is sold in chocolate worlds in Berlin and Waldenbuch.

The chocolate comes in bright yellow packaging. The cartridge design is attractively chosen. Visually, the Ritter Sport Ingame is an eye-catcher. But what’s inside? The new variety consists of milk chocolate, filled with yogurt and banana pieces. If you let the Game chocolate melt in your mouth, you can look forward to a fruity taste.

Spectacular show for chocolate release

The in-game launch was carried out in a befittingly ornamental and spectacular manner, online of course. The chocolate was unveiled in a ten-hour livestreaming event. Five well-known mobile gaming influencers, all of whom are partners of OK Gaming, presented the new chocolate. Many a fan’s mouth must have watered in front of the screen, no question.

In his statement, Arman Safai-Navai, CEO of OK Gaming, showed a certain pride in being involved with Ritter Sport in the first gamer chocolate on the market. It is a very exciting project, said the head of the still young Düsseldorf-based start-up.

Statement from the Ritter Sport management

Ritter Sport naturally didn’t miss the opportunity to comment on the in-game launch either. “We are delighted to have combined the gaming trend and our delicious chocolates in a great product with the new Limited Edition ‘Ingame’ and are excited to see how the bar is received by gamers. With OKA Gaming as a strong partner for communication, we can reach the gaming target group even better,” explained Meike Heitker, brand manager of Ritter Sport.

Ritter Sport – not the first eSports candy

As written, Ingame is the first gamer chocolate on the market. However, it is true that it is not the first candy specifically designed to appeal to gamers. Haribo collaborated to launch a Super Mario Edition in 2021, which sold out in no time. It remains to be seen whether Ritter Sport chocolate will do similarly well on the scene.

Facts about the well-known chocolate manufacturer

The chocolate manufacturer Ritter Sport can look back on 110 years of company tradition. In 1912, Clara and Alfred Eugen Ritter founded their confectionery factory in Stuttgart. The Ritter Sport bar – square, practical, good – has been around since 1932. At the time, the manufacturers wanted to launch a chocolate that would fit in any sports jacket pocket. Today, Ritter Sport employs over 1,750 people, generating sales of over 500 million euros per year.