Rainbow 6 – Team BDS Goes To Semi-Finals by Defeating Wolves

This week’s #SixJönköpingMajor got underway with today’s quarterfinal matches. In game three, #WolvesEsports and #TeamBDS, the two remaining teams from Europe, faced off.

The matchup, in which Bank, #Kafe, and #Oregon were chosen, included a lot of highlight plays, long-standing rivalries, and former teammates.

This is how the French derby unfolded.

Map Oregon

The top-seeded team, Wolves, won the first round after Stéphane #Shaiiko Lebleu was hit by Valentin #risze Liradelfo and Yanis #Mowwwgli Dahmani on the back stairs.

Round two started off similarly, but when Théo #LikEfac Mariano and Olivier #Renshiro Vandroux continued to push inward, they killed the remaining attackers because their rush had not taken into account the returning off-site players.

Wolves chose Zero and Blitz to try a rush from these late rushes. This came to an abrupt end when LikEfac used Smoke’s SMG-11 to kill Bastien #BiBooAF Dulac and Axel #Shiinka Freisberg before switching to his shotgun and stopping risze’s Blitz.

Following that, BDS won the next three matches quite handily after switching sides in response to their opponent’s map selection when leading 5-1.

But after switching sides, BDS appeared to be suffering from the same problem as a slow attack and a team-kill by Renshiro on Loc #BriD Chongthep signaled the beginning of a potential Wolves comeback.

BDS noticed this failing and tried the opposite — a mid-round Amaru swing into site while rushing from all entry points — but to no avail. With so many rounds coming down to a hatch drop with 20 seconds remaining. Within ten seconds, Wolves had won.

BDS appeared to pull off a flawless round of their hats as Wolves got close to a tied score, scoring four kills between the 1:01 and 1:00 minute marks to push onto map point.

Although Bryan #Elemzje Tebessi, who was once more on Amaru, was killed by BiBooAF and Nicolas #P4 Rimbaud did manage one kill from a jump out, Wolves were stranded outside of the spot as BDS were planting. On the way back to the spot, they were largely helpless and were cut down, losing their own map pick in the process.

Dostoyevsky Café

BiBooAF killed Elemzje as he was planting before Renshiro swapped it back, giving Kafe an instant clutch.

Prior to BDS regaining the lead with two additional victories, including a flawless round four, P4 responded with a quadruple kill.

After two rounds, Wolves had knotted the game and were on the offensive.

P4 once more managed to kill Finka four times after leading an assault with risze up the white steps and into the area. Shiinka finished the round in the lead after LikEfac prevented him from getting the ace.

A clutch by BiBooAF over former long-time teammate BriD kept BDS equal as the match came down to the final seconds.

The Wolves became the first group champions to leave the Six Major when, two rounds later, BDS sealed the deal to conclude the map 7-5.

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