Rainbow 6 – Six Invitational 2023 Is Almost Here

Twenty of the top Rainbow Six Siege teams will meet in Montreal, Canada, in less than a month to compete for the title of game’s global champions.

Team TSM, who are the defending champions at the moment, are still not officially part of the tournament due to the inability to qualify in some of the previous regionals. The only chance left for them is a SI 2023 Closed Qualifier, an event that will decide whether their plan to defend the title is still attainable.

Down below is the list of all teams that qualified:

1. w7m Esports 2. Team BDS
3. Wolves Esports 4. DarkZero Esports
5. Team Liquid 6. Astralis
7. Team KOI 8. Oxygen Esports
9. M80 10. G2 Esports
11. FaZe Clan 12. Soniqs
13. Heroic 14. MNM Gaming
15. Elevate 16. Cyclops
17. Dire Wolves 18. LOS oNe

Two more teams are still to qualify for the tournament. Out of all of the ones that did, only Team Liquid and FaZe Clan have competed in every Six Invitational since 2018.

Following Ibai ‘#Ibai Llanos’ alliance with Rogue, this will also be KOI’s debut participation in Rainbow Six Siege on an international stage. Despite not competing in the Six Charlotte Major or the Six Jönköping Major, the winners of the Six Berlin Major are among the favorites to win the hammer.

Also noteworthy is Team BDS, particularly in light of the French athletes’ victory in the Six Jönköping Major. Team Liquid, who they will face in the grand final in Sweden, is also one of the favorites to win the event, particularly in light of their performance in Sao Paulo, where they defeated w7m esports to win the BR6 Finals.

Last but not least, w7m is a serious candidate to win the Six Invitational thanks to their consistency throughout the year. The team had only barely managed to avoid dropping out of Brazil’s top division a year prior. Together with Wolves Esports, they are currently the only team to have attended all three Six Majors in 2022.

When is the Six Invitational 2023 starting?

2023’s Six Invitational will take place from February 7 to February 19. It will consist of the following three phases:

  • Group Stage ( 7th – 11th of February 2023)
  • Playoffs Round 1 (13th – 15th of February)
  • Playoffs Round 2 (17th – 19th of February)

The hammer is currently returning to Montreal, Canada, the setting of the game after visiting Paris, France, and Stockholm, Sweden.

The Six Invitational 2023 will take place at the storied Place Bell. Additionally, it served as the location for the Six Invitationals in 2018 through 2020.

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