Rainbow 6 Siege – Team Rogue & Heroic Fighting For The Last Spots In Jonkoping Major

Today, October 31, is play day nine of the European League, during which the last two Six Jonkoping Major participants will be decided.

Secret will perform in TT9. Neither team is able to move up a position, but TT9 can escape becoming the first team in the history of the EU, NA, or LATAM to end a stage with no points. MNM Gaming must defeat BDS in order to advance to the Major, hence that match is the first. One point will likely be sufficient as well, whereas zero leaves it up to chance.

G2 Esports will also be played by outsiders. Both teams have a wide range of potential finishes—from barely missing out on the Major to being among Europe’s worst teams—between ninth and fifth. This might ultimately dictate future transfer decisions. Another good matchup is NAVI versus Wolves. By this time, the race may already be done, but if NAVI is still in it, they will also want three points.

However, with both teams’ prospects still hanging in the balance, Heroic vs. Rogue is unquestionably the matchup to watch. One point will probably be sufficient, but Rogue needs to win to guarantee it. Heroic, on the other hand, might not even make it with three points, therefore a victory is essential.

Heroic vs Rogue Breakdown

It’s pretty appropriate that the contest between Kantoraketti and UUNO, two former G2 teammates who were both dismissed from the squad in June 2021, will determine who will attend the Major. On G2, Cryn also collaborated with both players, albeit for only two months.

They have clearly squared off before, but never in a match as crucial as this one, which will determine which ex-G2 members advance to the tournament while G2 remain in eighth place.

Who will be the home favorites will also be determined by the match. On one side, we have the Danish team, which consists of a Finnish streamer, a head coach from Norway, and Danish and Finnish players. Spoit on Rogue, the sole professional player from Sweden, is on the opposing team.

One of these two will have the home-field advantage if they make the playoffs since G2, NiP, and Astralis are all gone.

This game is noteworthy because MNM Gaming, Rogue, and Heroic (then cowana Gaming) participated in the 2020 EUL relegation games in January 2021. However, the same three teams are now competing for two Major positions despite numerous roster changes. NAVI, the fourth participant in this fight, consists of players from the MNM and cowana relegation teams.

Last but not least, Heroic may have one more shot to make it to SI 2023 with this. Previously, a recent Challenger League participant has won each and every Major or SI qualifying in Europe. Heroic most likely needs the SI Points to succeed given how impressive players like Mkers seem to be in EUCL.

They now have 640 SI Points, and if they place fifth, they will earn an additional 85 for a total of 725 SI Points. Last year, 730 people were required to pass. They receive an additional 50 SI Points for finishing in the top four in the EUL, which can be the difference-maker.

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