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Rainbow 6 Siege – Team DWG KIA vs Team Reject Match Breakdown

There will be two major national derbies this week on the APAC League’s lone play day (APAC South is on vacation). CAG will play FAV, while SANDBOX will play Talon.

The first matchup should be a rout because CAG is in first place in the league and FAV is in last place with just one point.

Talon defeated their Korean brothers last stage to earn one of just two regulation time victories, therefore SBXG vs. Talon may be a fantastic match. While SANDBOX is ahead of Talon in the standings, Talon faced CAG, DWG KIA, and Spear, a much more difficult mix of teams. SANDBOX has only faced Spear Gaming, REJECT, and FAV.

The goal of Etienne “Mag” Rousseau’s Spear team this week is to defeat Fnatic in order to move into second place in the league. Even if it doesn’t endure until the end of the season, that would still be the team’s greatest position in a long time.

The first game of the day between DWG and REJECT will serve as the final contest of the week. Currently in third place, DWG appears to be in a competition with SANDBOX for a Major qualification spot, while REJECT has already defeated SANDBOX and is the only team to have stolen a point away from CYCLOPS, suggesting that they might be a major surprise.

Their Rivalry So Far

Since REJECT is playing in the APAC League for the first time and DWG is from a different country and national league, the two teams have only ever faced off twice.

Two Korean players stood out for their outstanding individual efforts in each of these victories. On Skyscraper, Heo “CATsang” Se-woong achieved a 1.93 SiegeGG Rating with 17 kills to four deaths, and on Chalet, Yoo “yass” Sang-hoon achieved a 1.51 Rating with 13 kills to six deaths.

While the head-to-head matchups don’t look good, REJECT’s recent performance gives them the advantage. They not only defeated SANDBOX 7-5 to begin Stage 3, but they also defeated CAG in the Japan League last week and earned a point against them.

Higher Stakes for DWG KIA

The primary discussion point for this game—and every DWG game up until the final play-day game against SANDBOX—will be how little space DWG has for error.

This is a result of their defeat to CAG in regulation time two weeks ago, which effectively resulted in a six-point swing in their favor and in favor of a direct contender for the Major qualification spot. The final APAC North play day will include a matchup between DWG and SANDBOX, a team they had lost to in Stages 1 and 2. This puts them in a particularly perilous position.

Even though they are not one of the top three contenders for either of the two November Major places, REJECT won’t be an easy opponent. As previously indicated, they have already defeated two of these favorites to earn four out of a potential six points, and even with Yass’s comeback last week, DWG won’t necessarily have it easy.

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