Rainbow 6 Siege Going Strong in 2022, Reaching Almost 90 Million Players

A highly encouraging set of statistics about the expansion of #RainbowSix Siege have been revealed by Ubisoft.

The first half of #Ubisoft’s financial year (April to September) earnings report provided a very encouraging overview of the development of Rainbow Six Siege.

Ubisoft earned a total of €406.1 million across the board in Q2 versus a target of €270 million. The #AssassinsCreed series and Rainbow6 were mostly credited for the better performance.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

The number of uniquely registered players for Rainbow Six Siege has surpassed 85 million, and the game continues to attract a sizable number of players everyday, with player acquisition increasing quarter over quarter.

Additionally, they are witnessing record [Daily Average Revenue Per User] after a second straight quarter of very strong year-over-year growth, as well as better engagement among current players. As a result, overall net bookings climbed significantly year over year by 18%.

Future plans include the release of much desired cross-play and cross-progression features as well as the introduction of a brand-new terrain for players to explore in Year 7 Season 4.

Even though the 85 million statistic includes every “alternative” account and free weekend download, it is still an impressive accomplishment.

In the past, Ubisoft predicted that there will be 80 million players in February of this year and 70 million in February of 2021. By SI 2024 and the conclusion of Year 8, Rainbow Six will reach the 100 million user mark at this rate.

For comparison, the most current entry in Ubisoft’s largest franchise, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, recently passed 20 million unique players in the two years it has been available, and Overwatch, when its sequel was announced, had 50 million players.

However, the figures pertaining to financial growth are more significant. Due to the 18% year-over-year growth and new DARPU (Daily Average Revenue Per User) records, Rainbow Six is officially “outperforming” forecasts and bringing in more money for Ubisoft than anticipated.

The declining Steam player counts for Siege this year have received a lot of attention; the average number of active players is at levels last seen five years ago.

The Conclusion

Ubisoft Connect and console figures, which likely make up the great majority of players, are not included in this. R6 can also be tried out “for free” by subscribers of Xbox Games Pass.

It is also extremely implausible that Siege player numbers have decreased overall, as suggested by Steam figures, given an 18% increase in revenue. Any drops in the genuine player population will likely be less than 16 percent, according to the rising DARPU, which shows that revenue has increased faster than the player count is declining.

All things considered, this strongly suggests that Ubisoft won’t suddenly stop supporting the game, despite fan worries. R6 appears to be in good shape as it has been increasing this year in the areas that Ubisoft values the most.

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