Rainbow 6 Siege – “Azian” & “Window” Released by Their Teams

In a public announcement made on Twitter, #ParabellumEsports revealed that they had parted ways with Connor #Azian Felux, a free agent at this point, and had replaced him with another player yet to be revealed.

Meanwhile, after narrowly missing out on qualifying for the #SixJönköpingMajor, Ryota #Window Hirata and Team REJECT will part ways at the end of November 2022.

Azian’s Situation

Varun #VBM Mohindra, the coach of Parabellum, responded to the press and refuted the claim that Azian had purposefully not put up effort during the trial of another player. He didn’t elaborate further, though.

I can categorically state that the rumor posted is untrue, according to VBM. “We were just weighing our alternatives because our stage was poor.”

With only three victories in nine games and nine points overall, Parabellum placed ninth in Stage 3 of the NAL.

Before the stage began, Azian had just joined Parabellum after being acquired from Luminosity Gaming in the Challenger League. After only nine games in the NAL, he is currently without a team.

Azian, who turned 18 in May of this year, excelled in a number of under-18 championships. He later finished second in the NA Challenger League and had the fourth-highest KPR in the competition.

His 0.96 official rating in the NAL, which was the result of a 78-79 K-D, 16-16 Entry K-D, and 62 percent KOST, placed him in the middle of the pack. He mainly played on Twitch and Azami throughout this time.

In preparation for the SI 2023 NA qualifier, Parabellum will now be looking for a new player.

Window’s Situation

The player today revealed on Twitter that he has been given permission to look into his possibilities with other teams for the future, while it is currently unknown if he left the squad of his own free will or if he has been dropped.

In response to the journalists, Window acknowledged his planned resignation and disclosed that he will quit the squad after November, although he and the REJECT team manager chose not to comment on the specifics of his leaving.

The announcement comes two weeks after REJECT were mathematically eliminated from Major qualification and less than a week after the end of Stage 3 of the APAC North league. In the end, REJECT came in third place, one point behind SANDBOX Gaming in second.

But domestically, the freshly promoted club was disappointed more. After finishing eighth, fifth, and ninth in each of the three seasons this year, it placed seventh overall in the Japan League 2022.

Despite finishing eighth and fourth in their respective seasons, they were still able to advance to the Japan League playoffs thanks to their performances in Seasons 1 and 2. The US$103,000 Japan Invitational 2022, which also includes DWG KIA and Team BDS, was also lost to REJECT as a result.

Window struggled in Stage 1 along with the rest of his team, but he was the second-best player on REJECT by the official ratings in Stages 2 and 3 in APAC North. Therefore, whether in APAC North or only the Japan League, it is likely that he will have a lengthy list of pursuers.

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