Rainbow 6 Siege APAC South Division – Wildcards vs Knights Match Breakdown

Every team has one week off because of the seven-team league. As a result, only one game has been played thus far between Dire Wolves and Gaimin Gladiators, who each took a break in weeks one and two, respectively.

APAC South’s third play day will begin with a Thai derby between current champions Elevate and past champions FURY. Elevate ought to win all three games, but FURY has been getting better with each passing round.

Since bringing on former Elevate teammates Sirasit “BGMan” Ariyasirisopon and Sumate “i9” Srimabut, they have appeared extremely strong and have already defeated Knights.

With the Taiwanese having participated in the Charlotte Major and the Indonesians having participated in the Berlin Major, Dire Wolves will then face Gaimin Gladiators in what may currently be the sole true fight for the second November Major berth (behind Elevate).

Both teams are highly good, but the Dire Wolves recently changed their squad and might come up short against the prepared Gaimin Gladiators.

Even while that game will definitely be exciting, fans should also pay attention to the day’s final encounter between Knights and Wildcard Gaming.

Knights’ Upcoming Star Player – “SpeakEasy”

Only two games and a third of this Stage 3 have been played, but there are already legitimate worries about the new Knights acquisition Matin “SpeakEasy” Yunos.

The Singaporean appeared to be the top player in APAC without a doubt for extended periods of time during his nearly four years on the Invictus Gaming team.

He was without a doubt the best in Stage 1 this year with a Rating of 1.42, 0.15 Rating points better than the runner-up. In Stages 2 and 3 of the 2021 season, he was the best player according to SiegeGG Rating and K-D, and at the Mexico Major, he was the fifth-best player according to Rating (though his team failed to make it to the playoffs).

SpeakEasy has already performed while the rest of Invictus was absent, so it stands to reason that he can still put on great performances with Knights. Despite the fact that he has probably never experienced a player and playing culture transfer of this magnitude and is probably still adjusting after spending years on his former squad, his star has not yet faded.

Knights are in knock-down… Can they get up?

In Knights-land, things are definitely not good. When Gaimin Gladiators took their position in Stage 2, they were just one match away from qualifying for the Berlin Major when a seemingly significant upgrade occurred with the addition of SpeakEasy from Invictus Gaming.

Jai “Quiz” Riddle-Browning was replaced by SpeakEasy, and Knights ought to have started taking on Elevate at the head of the table. Instead, they discover that they are at the bottom of the list with no points to their name.

Knights have only completed five rounds in total across both of their games thus far this season, adding salt to injury, and it may appear as though they are no longer in the mix for a spot at the November Major.

Although the destiny of the Knights at this stage is not totally in their hands—they will require Dire Wolves and Gaimin Gladiators to concede crucial points elsewhere and to one another—they have the ability to at the very least reinsert themselves in the conflict.

How will the things turn out?

In 2022, Knights and Wildcard have faced off five times.

In terms of individual maps, Knights have beaten Wildcard three times this year, however overall, Knights have won four individual maps and three matches. It’s interesting to note that both teams have alternated victories against Oregon and Border.

However, it’s possible that today’s game between the Knights and Wildcard won’t be accurately predicted by this prior record. Knights are obviously in terrible shape, although they have made roster alterations, especially Wildcard. The later team replaced two players, whereas the former team only made one change.

Although their loss against the Gaimin Gladiators shows they are still a ways off the front, Wildcard’s recruitment of former Chiefs ESC member Kelton “bouncinballz” Mclachlan and Australian rookie Harry “Tuhan” Wise may have been the changes they needed to jump into the midfield pack.

Whatever the case, Wildcard’s 7-4 victory over Tyde on the first play day will give them confidence that they can beat a struggling Knights club with a win of a similar caliber. Bouncinballz, who frequently played for the Chiefs before they disbanded, will probably be essential to that attempt. On the other hand, Knights will under tremendous pressure to start playing SpeakEasy and find their rhythm.

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