Rainbow 6 – R6SCL Stage 3 Getting Crazy – 4 teams tied for the 1st place in Brazil

Victus earns the spot in EUCL, and relegations get cancelled. The Rainbow 6 Siege Challenger League is now being played in Brazil and North America. Here is a summary of what has unfolded until now:

The Cancelling of Relegations

All four regions have formally canceled the relegation and promotion games. This means that instead of competing for spots in the EUL, NAL, BR6, and APACL tournaments, the Challenger Leagues (or analogous leagues) are now competing for prize money and better prospects of attending international events the next year.

This suggests that Challenger League-tier rosters will be permitted to attend Major events the following year. It’s also noteworthy that the announcement only stated that relegations have been suspended for the current season and not forever, suggesting that there may still be a relegation battle at the end of the 2023 campaign.

North America Region

“Gaveni” kept up his incredible play with kill-death scores of 16-5 versus Vipers eSports and 15-12 vs 1shotLFO. Although they were forced into overtime in the latter game, RTV lost their first points because Gaveni wasn’t his team’s best player. As Nokk’s Packer, who won a 1v1, 1v2, and a 1v3 in the game’s final round, was the MVP.

Luminosity Gaming and Arial Arise, who both successfully won their games this week, are ranked 12 and 10 points lower than Reality TV, who received 14 points. Theoretically, Arial Arise is just behind RTV because they have played one fewer game than the clubs in front of them.

This is particularly interesting because the matchup between AA and LG on Sunday should determine who finishes second in the league.

Further down the list, Unemployment defeated Keagen “P3NGU1N” Smith’s Aqualix team 7-2 to win the match to move out of last position.

The Favelas and Investigation File, the fourth and fifth-placed rosters, then squared off in a match that was eventually won by Ph1sh’s play.

It’s Getting Crowded in Brazil

Three days into the BR6 season, Electrify Steel Gaming, SuperNova Team, LaQuimica Esports, and Team oNe’s academy roster, known as Golden Kids, are all tied for first place on six points.

Golden Kids defeated LaQuimica 7-5 on Tuesday in the sole encounter between either of these teams thus far. This victory featured three clutches from GK’s illustrious history: a 1v2 on round eight, a 1v1 triple kill on round 11, and a 1v1 on round 12 to overturn a 2-5 lead.

With a 2.02 SiegeGG Rating and 11 kills to only two deaths, as well as the game’s lone plant and one of two clutches in SuperNova’s 7-0 victory over Rise Gaming, fredQx, an ex-FURIA and BD Academy player, was this week’s greatest individual player.

Obviously, Rise Gaming is having a terrible run right now, since their strongest player has a SiegeGG Rating of 0.87 and they have won zero points in their first three games. Golden Kids is the only team that has not yet played Rise, giving them a theoretical advantage over its three competitors. The three losses came against three of the four teams on six points, with the other three teams having played Rise.

Europe Region – Virtus is Back!

Victus finished third in the Northern Premier League over the past weekend, advancing them to the EU Challenger League.

Victus defeated Viperio 86 in the losers’ bracket of the playoffs to secure a spot in the EUCL after placing fourth in the main league. Heroic, who is already a member of the EUL, Viperio, and TENSTAR, who had already qualified through the open qualifiers, made up the other four teams in the playoff.

The lineup of 321 Sked Esports underwent a substantial organizational and personnel turnover, which is also noteworthy.

Following LikEfac’s transfer to BDS, the four players left 321 to join Acend after the team was unable to qualify for EUCL. With the exception of ENEMY and RevaN, who have joined the new squad to create a six-man roster, Acend had dropped every member of its previous lineup.

Although 321 was one of the top favorites to win EUCL, it is uncertain where they stand now that LikEfac, ENEMY, and RevaN are absent.

Finally, the third EUCL open qualification, which begins tonight, will decide the five remaining EUCL teams. 100 points will be awarded to the qualification winner, 75 points to the runner-up, and then 50, 25, 15, or 10 points for each round a team finishes behind.

All is still up for grabs because a brand-new team could still take the top spot if they win the qualifier, with 75 and 100 points up for grabs for this week’s finalists.

Webidoo Gaming, the top-ranked Italian team that defeated Viperio 86 and TENSTAR to earn 25 points in the second qualifier, was also found playing with an underage player using a teammate’s account, which resulted in a ban and elimination from all competitions.

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