Rainbow 6 – Dire Wolves Stun FaZe Clan

#FaZeClan would have been eager to make up for their earlier loss in an upset against #WolvesEsports by thrashing the inexperienced #DireWolves.

With only three points separating them from FaZe Clan in second place, Dire Wolves entered the match having recorded half of APAC’s victories thus far in this event. They would become postseason candidates with a victory.

Additionally, Dire Wolves would have been hungry to bounce back after a 2-7 defeat suffered earlier today and a 1-7 defeat suffered against FaZe on Monday.

Wolves Biting Hard

Even though JackyWu managed three kills on the opening round and Dire Wolves got an early kill, they lost the round because it was difficult for them to reach the structure.

As the strong FaZe Clan we’re used to seeing delivered a faultless round, FaZe’s Cyber earned a quadruple kill for himself.

But the Brazilians broke down after this.

Before being completely eliminated in round five, Dire Wolves only lost one player each in the next two rounds. The Taiwanese eventually won another battle after Soulz was grenaded out immediately after scoring a double kill himself.

The score was now tied at 3-3. Astro and Bullet1 both had one kill while Cyber had a 9-4 kill record. Similar to how JackyWu and Reeps96 each got seven kills, Souffle and Ed only had one kill each.

FaZe Trying To Come Back

FaZe still appeared lost when the sides switched. With a triple kill, Reeps96 increased his seven kills and fully blocked FaZe from entering the structure. The Chinese player got another double kill in the next round before being killed in a 1v4 by Bullet1 together with Souffle. However, Bullet1 eventually ran out of time before locating the last two defenders.

In order to slow down Dire Wolves before they reached six rounds, FaZe called a timeout. However, Cyber was the first player to pass away in the next round, forcing FaZe to resort to simply rappelling into the site. Astro was shot in the head by Souffle as soon as he put the defuser down, earning him his third round-winning kill.

In the end, Dire Wolves didn’t waste any opportunities to win because FaZe simply became too aggressive. Their Blitz pick was unsuccessful, as the game ended with the APAC South team winning 7-3.

Reeps96, the rookie sensation from China for Dire Wolves, performed at a level comparable to what we’ve seen in APAC South during this game. Statistics like his 14 kills to 6 deaths and winning four out of four opening engagements are uncommon against teams like FaZe Clan and most definitely not by an APAC roster.

As a result, Dire Wolves and FaZe Clan are deadlocked on points. However, their head-to-head record and round difference also suffer from yesterday’s 1-7 setback.

Every point from now on will be significant because FaZe and Dire Wolves will compete against Mirage and Wolves Esports in the next matchups.

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