Rainbow 6 – BDS Beats Liquid To Win The Jonkoping Major

Brazil’s #TeamLiquid competed against France’s #TeamBDS in the #SixJönköpingMajor championship match.

As the event was promoted as a Stéphane #Shaiiko Lebleu versus Luccas #Paluh Molina showdown, the star fraggers of both sides were the ones to watch. The contest also served as Théo #LikEfac Mariano’s grand-final debut and André #Nesk Oliveira, Paluh, and Shaiiko’s bid for a second championship.

It was a best-of-five match without overtime, just like the four most recent Majors, which each required all five maps to determine a winner. Here is how the 2022 Six Major came to an end.

Map 1 – Theme Park

The Brazilians ought to have easily won Liquid’s first pick.

In their three-year history, BDS had only played this map three times in official contests, and it was one of their weakest. But since then, BDS has adopted LikEfac, and he has significantly improved things.

Following a double-kill by the rookie player of BDS in round one, Liquid won the first and only round of the map thanks to Nesk, who had four kills in all, accounting for half of his team’s total.

As soon as Liquid’s two key fraggers, Gabriel #AsK Santos and Paluh, each got one kill for a total of 11 deaths, BDS had a 5-1 lead. Shaiiko had an 8-1 record during the same time.

Finally, Liquid’s disastrous opening to their first championship game in nearly two years came to a 1-7 conclusion. Shaiiko killed Paluh, and he and Bryan #Elemzje Tebessi pursued the ultimate kill rather than taking a plant, despite Liquid managing to exchange a rapid BDS attack down to a 2v2 situation.

Map 2 – Bank

Liquid got off to a good start on Bank when Paluh got two kills right away after BDS started planting in a 4v4. As Liquid drew closer to the Frenchmen who had turned around, his flank swiftly caused the onslaught to crumble.

Similar to the first two rounds, the outcome of the game depended entirely on whether or not the BDS plant attempt was successful. Loc #BriD Chongthep was stopped in round three by Lorenzo #Lagonis Volpi using a C4 with 0.084 seconds left before the plant went on to win a crucial round.

After a defensive half that ended 3-3, Liquid appeared to be a lot more themselves. In a decisive round seven, Nesk and AsK each scored two kills, and they arrived to the map point quickly.

Shaiiko and Elemzje both shoved Nesk in the final round because they believed he was focused on peering through a breached hole. However, Nesk was fully aware of them and instantly killed them both, placing BDS in a 2v4 battle that finished quickly and tied the series.

Map 3 – Oregon

It was the Europeans that took the lead on Oregon from BDS to Liquid and back to BDS.

The Brazilians made a number of mistakes that added up to an especially atrocious 4v2 loss to Shaiiko and BriD. They appeared fairly sloppy and unorganized on the assault.

After falling behind 0-4 in the first four rounds, Liquid won seven straight games, and Paluh finished with 14 kills to Shaiiko’s 12 and Nesk’s 10, making the map finally fit the two-time SiegeGG Player of the Year.

Map 4 – Kafe Dostoyevsky

Liquid would have been aware that a victory in Kafe was necessary if they were to avoid a game-five decider on Skyscraper, the map they lost to w7m esports 0-7 in the semifinal.

There have only been a few multi-kills and two clutches in the first three maps of the series. However, everything quickly changed on Kafe after Renshiro scored a triple kill in round one and Pablo #resetz Oliveira defeated BriD to claim Liquid’s first clutch of the match.

Although Liquid had an early 2-1 advantage, they were only tied at the midway point, which was an issue because they were ready to attack.

Even so, they managed to take the lead in their first round of attacking, but Renshiro prevailed in a crucial 1v1 encounter against a rampaging Paluh who only needed to shoot the Frenchman once.

Map 5 – Skyscraper

Even though Liquid had lost this map by a score of 0-7 the day before, they did have a generally good record on Skyscraper, which is probably why they did not ban it today.

Shaiiko had five kills in the first two rounds of the match and was on the verge of winning the match and being named MVP when the problems started. Brazilian supporters watched in terror as BDS continued to win rounds and it appeared like nothing had changed from the semi-final against w7m as Liquid fell behind 1-5.

Liquid persisted though, adding a second one before BriD sent BDS to title point as she was hiding in the shower.

With a tough 1v2 clutch against Renshiro and Elemzje, Paluh once again stood strong and kept Brazil in the competition when things appeared to be going south. Liquid won another 2v2 match to make it 6-4, which raised expectations of a comeback. However, a rush by them in round 11 proved foolish, and BDS won the tournament in front of a European audience.

Shaiiko finished with 55 kills, which ranks sixth all-time in best-of-five matches. Nesk, on the other hand, had 46, which was also a record-high. Paluh also overcame a shaky beginning to finish with the second-highest kill total in the game (40).

Shaiiko was awarded the SiegeGG MVP award for the whole Major as a consequence of her ability to lead BDS past all three of their playoff opponents despite rebounding from a subpar group stage performance.

Additionally, the victory follows BDS’s replacement of former coach Arnaud #BiOs Billaudel with Samy #Stooflex Smail, who has already led his new squad to victory.

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