Introduction To Rainbow 6 Siege Betting

What Is Rainbow 6?

The Tom Clancy Series’ Rainbow Six Siege is a team-based tactical shooter (also known as R6S or R6 Siege). R6 Siege, in contrast to prior games in the franchise, emphasized player against player competitions. Characters (operators) with distinctive weapon and equipment loadouts are chosen by two teams of five players.

Teams from rival organizations are given the roles of either attackers or defenders, with distinct goals. Until one side wins enough sets in a match, the teams trade roles at the conclusion of each round (save during a tiebreaker).

Ubisoft created the game, which was made available for PC, XBox One, and Playstation 4 in 2015. The game had a difficult beginning due to game-breaking bugs, network problems, unbalanced characters, and generally low game sales. Fortunately, the creators persisted in making adjustments that raised the game’s level of quality and made an attempt to strengthen the competitive environment. Only Valve’s Counter-strike: Global Offensive is more popular in its category right now than Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbow 6’s Esports Impact

The ESL Pro League Year 1 Season 1 was the first notable Rainbow Six competition.

Back then, Xbox One and PC were still used for the game’s competitive scene. In 2017, that custom was swiftly discontinued. It did, however, persist in lower layers, which is understandable.

Three ESL Pro League Seasons took place in the first year, 2016, alone. That translates into six competitions with a combined prize pool of $350,000. Globally dispersed event locations included Katowice, Burbank, Leicester, Cologne, and Boston.

The second year, 2017, had three more ESL Pro League seasons in addition to the game’s first Invitational (actually two of them). The total reward money increased by $250,000 to a whopping $700,000. But when you consider the sharp rise in prize money that came after, that’s nothing.

The inaugural Rainbow Six Major took place in 2018.

The ESL Pro League had one fewer event than what the fans were accustomed to at the time and modified its nomenclature (including Seasons 7 and 8). The overall prize pool, which was proudly over a million dollars, was also unusually big.

Considering the $3,000,000 overall prize pool for 2019, that is nothing. But the year that set the records was 2020. Six Invitational 2020, the inaugural (and only) competition, brought in $3,000,000. Remember that we are only including the top-tier R6S tournament prize pools in our calculations. These are the occasions where Rainbow Six betting is most prevalent!

Largest Rainbow 6 Tournaments

As was already established, unlike CSGO, Rainbow Six doesn’t host major competitions all year long. However, there are still quite a few of them. There are breaks between betting possibilities, but they tend to be rather brief. especially in the COVID era, which has had a significant impact on the course of Rainbow Six events.

The game has maintained its two largest tournament series, the Majors and Invitationals, despite the modifications. If you want to start placing wagers with real money on Rainbow Six Siege, you should target the following events:

Six Invitationals Betting Possibilities

The biggest and most renowned tournaments on the Rainbow Six esports calendar have always been and remain the Six Invitationals. They consistently offer the most exciting R6 action, the largest prize pools, and the top international teams.

The official prize fund for Six Invitational 2021 was $3 million, of which a million dollars awarded to the winner team, Ninjas in Pyjamas. For twelve days, it brought together 20 teams from six different regions to display the best R6 gameplay. That being said, Six Invitationals should be on your radar if you’re interested in playing Rainbow Six for real money.

The largest are Six Invitationals, but Six Majors shouldn’t be taken for granted either! We’re referring to twice-yearly occasions that typically take place in May and November. They still include all of the top teams in the world despite having reduced prize pools ($500,000 for the most recent versions).

Majors and Invitationals are both covered in terms of betting coverage. We’re talking about a ton of match props as well as outrights. There will be lots of things for you to wager on during these events, so don’t be concerned!

The Best Bets You Can Place On Rainbow 6

Online R6 betting involves more than just the standard match-winner bets. Actually, there’s a lot more to online esports betting than that. Specials and live betting options are two different things. Heck, R6 betting firms now also provide esports accumulators. This industry is broad, therefore you should familiarize yourself with it before starting your next Rainbow Six betting enterprise.

Rainbow Six Specials

Have any of you heard of special wagers? Match outcomes are not taken into account in these wagers. Instead, they are based on a variety of in-game events and can be configured in a variety of ways. The following are the most popular special Rainbow Six betting options:

  • Over/under for total rounds
  • Player versus player kills and assists
  • Character with the most first deaths
  • Totals between operators
  • Final result of the game

Live betting

What distinguishes specials from live bets? The only major distinction is that live bets may only be made while the game is still in progress. Live wagers may also be promotions.

However, live match-winners are usually the most popular because they make the most sense in both sports and esports betting. Short version: They add an added degree of excitement to an already-busy entertainment sector!

Accumulator bets

Accumulators and parlay bets should be your top choices if you’re wanting to make money. Accumulators are bets on multiple games, all of which must be accurately predicted for the accumulator to be a winner. Since they multiply with each other rather than with the stake itself, the odds are far better than they are with a single wager.

The Conclusion

The world of esports betting is huge and shows no signs of slowing down its growth. The best way to make sure you get the most out of every esports betting experience is to inform yourself before placing wagers and be responsible while investing money.

Once you get comfortable and familiar with different bets, supporting your favorite team will not mean just having fun, but also a chance to make money while doing so.

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