Toronto Defiant runs through the Summer Showdown bracket of the Overwatch League

Two West Region Overwatch League teams were eliminated from the Summer Showdown event yesterday after losing their second games in the expansive stadium of the Toronto Defiant. Teams that had survived the initial assault continued on to today’s program, which would result in the return of three more teams across the border.

When their players even took a breath, the Toronto Defiant supporters crowded the stadium and led one another in raucous cheers in support of their heroes.

The Defiant have ostensibly improved every aspect of their plan for the Summer Showdown with that motive in mind. As a result, they were able to send two of their fellow teams home on Saturday, acting as the event’s actual Grim Reaper.

Houston Outlaws vs the Toronto Defiant (3-0)

Although the Houston Outlaws appeared sharp during yesterday’s games, something about their customary level of DPS dominance and coordination was completely missing in the lower bracket. The Toronto Defiant focused heavily on well-timed attack to defeat Houston on the first map of Busan while Houston appeared hardly awake.

On their chosen map, Hollywood, Houston appeared a little more coordinated, but they didn’t come together completely until the end of their attack drive. The Outlaws successfully repelled Toronto’s attack after both teams finished the map to earn one of the few draws of the 2022 campaign.

London Spitfire vs Florida Mayhem (3-2)

It is hardly surprising that one of the more thrilling games of the Summer Showdown was provided by the Florida Mayhem and London Spitfire since both teams had spent the majority of the season rising from the bottom of most fans’ power rankings.

The Spitfire appeared to be collaborating with a Hadi-based hivemind when it launched synchronized attacks on Lijiang Tower and Midtown. Backbone in particular, the team’s DPS, dominated the Mayhem in every way. Any frequent watcher of the Overwatch League would have anticipated a quick 3-0.

On the final map, Ilios, Florida quickly won the first round, but London fought back to win the next one. It was only fitting that these two teams drew spectators to the third and final round, where the entire reverse sweep was accomplished thanks to careful support plays and ace hits from DPS Hydron, who was named player of the match.

San Francisco Shock vs Dallas Fuel (3-0)

The Dallas Fuel were all business as soon as they took the stage, despite the expectations of most spectators and analysts who believed this upper bracket duel to be the finest game of the day.

In a startling reversal of events, the Fuel defeated the widely popular San Francisco Shock without a single error. Dallas had snapped the Shock’s 21-game winning streak during the regular season and chose to add a little more salt to wounds during the Summer Showdown.

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