Overwatch’s Kiriko Keeps Drawing The Attention – Healing powers & other features

In the Overwatch community, rumors of a hero built on the crafty and mischievous fox spirit, or kitsune, have been circulating for years.

It’s finally time for the guardian of Kanezaka to make her debut after developers dropped strong indications regarding the potential addition of another Japanese hero throughout Overwatch 2’s beta tests.

The second hero of Overwatch will be Kiriko, a young woman who trained with Hanzo and Genji Shimada and wields the fox spirit’s might in combat.

She will be the game’s first support character to be released in more than three years, and she will bring with her a very potent kit that focuses on mobility and team-wide boosts. Prepare to charge into battle with the spirit fox’s strength (and cuteness).

The Kiriko Story

Kiriko, a fox protector of the shrine in Kanezaka like her grandmother before her, gives her squad strength and agility by channeling the fox spirit. She inherited a spirit of resistance from her mother, a legendary ninja who taught the Shimada brothers.

Kiriko has teamed up with the Yokai, a group of young people, to defend Kanezaka community residents who are being threatened by the Hashimoto, a bad clan who moved in after the Shimada clan disbanded.

As long as they sign in before the first nine-week season is through, players who already own Overwatch will have Kiriko unlocked for free when Overwatch 2 releases in early access on October 4.

If a premium Season One battle pass is acquired, she will be made immediately available; otherwise, new Overwatch players must use the free pass to do so.

Overwatch 2 – Kiriko’s powers

Kiriko is a “single-target hybrid healer,” according to the game’s creators, who can join a conflict and provide assistance in any form. This dichotomy between healing and delivering damage is reflected in her potent equipment.

Primary Fire – Healing Ofuda Talismans

Kiriko has the ability to guide ofuda, paper talismans with magical properties, in the direction of allies to heal them. These five projectiles will focus on a certain ally.

Because the Healing Ofuda moves very slowly, players may be able to toss them in advance if they expect to take damage.

Secondary Fire – Kunai Blade

Kiriko uses her secondary fire to toss kunai in order to inflict injury rather than just watching everyone else have fun. Players that are accustomed to targeting projectiles will value the ability more because of their speed and increased damage when they critically hit.

Swift Step

As Mercy’s Guardian Angel ability, Kiriko’s primary movement skill, the Swift Step, enables her to target a single ally and teleport there right away.

When trying to catch up with a team or rescue comrades from a conflict elsewhere on the map, this teleport’s ability to pass through walls makes it indispensable.

Protection Suzu

The Protection Suzu, which can be thrown on the ground or into friends to grant a brief burst of immortality and remove all debuffs, is arguably Kiriko’s most useful ability.

This is the first Overwatch ability that can even completely erase Ultimate-based debuffs, despite the fact that other abilities (such Zarya’s barriers) can remove some debuffs.

Developers stated at a press conference that this cleansing also includes the effects of Sombra’s EMP and Reinhardt’s Earthshatter. Normal debuffs such as Ashe’s Dynamite fire damage, Ana’s Sleep Dart, anti-heal grenades, and others will also be removed by Protection Suzu.

However, because it supposedly has a lengthy cooldown, players must be careful about when and where to throw it.

Ulti: Kitsune Rush

In this eye-catching visual ultimate, Kiriko casts a “path” that grants significant boosts to teammates, as hinted at in one of the Overwatch 2 previews. Kitsune Rush grants teammates “movement speed, attack speed, reload speed,” and a cooldown reduction, according to the Developer Update.

For instance, if Ana was hit by Kitsune Rush while an ally, the healing grenade and sleep dart cooldowns would be drastically lowered, making both spells immediately usable.

It appears that this is a great ability for jumping into engagements and getting involved, making it more of an offensive support ultimate like Brigitte’s Rally and less of a defensive one like Zenyatta’s Transcendence.

Like Genji and Hanzo, Kiriko has the passive ability to climb walls.

All of this may seem like a lot of strength for a support hero, but her equipment has the potential to be overwhelming, and devs are working hard to balance it.

Beginning on October 4, when Overwatch 2 enters early access, Kiriko will be accessible.

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