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Overwatch Widowmaker Play of the Game – too easy no skill needed

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After five weeks of play, the first stage of the inaugural Overwatch League season has come to an end. On Saturday, February 10, the London Spitfire suffered an early loss to New York Excelsior, giving them a lot to think about as the night’s title matches approached. A little rest helped a lot, as they came back later that night to defeat the Houston Outlaws in the semifinals, and then completed a reverse sweep over top-seeded Excelsior in the stage one title match, earning $100,000.

The stage one finals were one of the most exciting Overwatch League matches to date, and a determining factor in the outcome was each team’s Widowmaker play. Whether it was high-flying headshots, quick moves, or early game selections, Overwatch’s resident sniper had a significant impact on the night’s proceedings. Let’s take a look at some of Widow’s best moves from the title match between London Spitfire and New York Excelsior.

Map one: Junkertown

Known for overwhelming layers of cheese and interesting compositions, Junkertown has become something of a proving ground for professional Widowmakers. At or near the top of that list is New York’s Kim “Pine” Do-hyeon, who made a name for himself as one of the top snipers in South Korea’s Apex series. After passing on Point A, London was about to find out why.

New York opted for a typical high ground defense as the payload rounded the corner. With Orisa shields and Junkrat spam, that setup can often buy a lot of time, if not stop a drive altogether. If you have a decent Widowmaker in the mix to take advantage of open areas, that particular defense can be even harder to break. Here’s Pine showing us what that can look like:

Map Three: Horizon Lunar Colony.

Widowmaker didn’t get much play during map two’s control of Oasis, which New York took advantage of to move to 2-0 over London, but the sniper came back with a vengeance on map three. London struck first, securing both Horizon Lunar Colony points, but NYXL quickly responded, taking both points as well. London had the time bank advantage going into round three, putting New York on the attack.

London’s defense held strong for a while, but with a minute to play in the round, New York seemed to have found some cracks. Playing Tracer, New York’s Park “Saebyeolbe” Jong-yeol landed a pulse bomb on London’s Mercy, and Bdosin’s Zenyatta went down shortly after. With both supports dead, London’s defensive hopes were slim, had Kim “Birdring” Ji-hyuk’s Widowmaker not found New York’s Libero and JJoNak in his crosshairs.

Map four: Numbani

London’s attack in round one took the first point of the Numbani hybrid map, but New York managed to prevent the Spitfire from pushing the charge to its first control point. Down 2-1 in the series, London’s chances for the stage one crown looked slim. If New York took point A, they would not need to push the payload very far to secure victory.

Birdring again played a key role in London’s defense, this time taking out several New York attackers during a triumphant full grip on Numbani’s A-point. Here he is connecting his shots during a hectic team fight with about three minutes left in the round.

Map five: Dorado

The final map of the set took us to Dorado, yet another map that has gained notoriety for its clever compositions and Widowmaker gameplay. Early on, New York’s Saebyeolbe rained Widowmaker shots from above, crippling London on the first point. With everything on the line, London switched Birdring back to Widowmaker once again.

Birdring soon got the better of Saebyeolbe’s Widowmaker with a grabbing jumping head shot, allowing London to advance freely through the lane phase and into the ziggurat.