Overwatch Schedule – Events Second Half of 2022

Overwatch used to be one of the top games is the esports industry. Every year people predict it to end, but Overwatch returns to our screens every year. Today we present to you the events that await us in 2022, hoping that you will find excitement and joy in some any of them.

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October: Halloween Terror

Before the year is over, Overwatch shows appreciation for two special holidays by organizing events in an unusual manner. The first of them occurs during the Halloween time and is called the Halloween Terror event, which putting of the game's jovial protagonists in settings straight out of horror films.

In the PvE game Junkenstein's Revenge, players control a hero from a pre-selected list to battle Dr. Junkenstein, his Omnic army, and the numerous heroes he calls as his allies in order to breach the castle walls of Eichenwalde. Every year, more heroes are added to the roster of characters you can play as in the mode's standard edition as a result of their receiving new skins that further connect them to Junkenstein's havoc's mythology.

Similar to Archives mode, Halloween Terror brings back several difficulty modes for Junkenstein's Revenge that give players more options for how to play the PvE mode. Players are awarded with a variety of distinctive sprays that can only be gained by finishing these tasks on various difficulties.

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December: Winter Wonderland

Each year, Overwatch celebrates in the snow to honor the effort that gamers and the heroes' cast have made throughout the year.

Heroes come together to mark the holidays during the yearly Winter Wonderland event, setting their differences aside to take part in seasonal activities like snowball fights and yeti hunting. Every year, special cosmetics that highlight the festive spirit of many heroes are made accessible. Some heroes choose cozier apparel, while others adopt the appearance of Christmas tale characters.

During the Winter Wonderland celebration, there are three different game modes that each offer a unique perspective on having fun in the snow. The first is Mei's Snowball Offensive in Ecopoint: Antarctica, where players command Mei and fire snowballs at their adversaries. This game also has a free-for-all deathmatch mode that forgoes the teams offered in the main mode in favor of all-out snowball fighting.

Five Meis are pitted against one huge yeti in Yeti Hunter, Winston, and must choose between slaying the beast or falling prey to one of his feasts as they battle over the cold tundra.

The latest mode, Freezethaw Elimination, was introduced in the Winter Wonderland edition from the previous year. In this module, two four-person teams compete to freeze their rivals, which occurs when a hero perishes. However, if the entire group is covered in ice without anybody being thawed out, it means a loss. Allies have the chance to thaw out their teammates.

This game option will probably now be offered among the others during the yearly Winter Wonderland event.

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