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Overwatch Off-Season Competitive Master – Widowmaker (Player of the Game / highlights )

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Widowmaker – Overwatch

Widowmaker’s weapon has two functions in Overwatch. One serves as a machine gun with a thirty round magazine and in the other it serves as a sniper rifle.

Ultimate Ability

Infravision: Allows your team to see the location of enemies in the game.

Normal skills

Hook: Launches a hook that pulls you up to a ledge.
Poison Mine: Launches a poison trap:
Widow’s Kiss:
R2 / LT: Automatic assault weapon.
L2 / RT: Hold down to use a long-range sniper rifle.

In Overwatch Widowmaker’s weapon has two functions. One serves as a machine gun with a thirty round magazine and the other serves as a sniper rifle. In the second case it should be noted that each bullet expends three bullets from the magazine but its shots are really lethal, to shoot you will have to release and pull the trigger each time.

The Hook ability allows Widowmaker in the game to climb any ledge or ledge in the game. It doesn’t matter how high it is and you don’t need to aim exactly at the edge of where you want to climb. In case the hook doesn’t hook anywhere you won’t have to wait for a while to use it again.

The Poison Mine skill plants a mine that explodes when an enemy gets too close and makes them lose life little by little.

Finally, the Infravision special ability reveals the location of all enemies no matter how far away they are. All members of your team will see the location of the enemies.

Widowmaker is undoubtedly the ultimate sniper character. Thanks to his hook he can climb to any position and if you have good aim with the sniper rifle you can wreak havoc before the enemy can even detect you.