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Overwatch – New McCree Training – Console Gameplay

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Mccree – Overwatch

Mccree’s Overwatch Peacekeeper revolver can be fired with the right trigger to fire all six bullets in the magazine one by one or press the left trigger to fire all bullets at once.

Ultimate Skill

Unforgiven: Challenge your enemies to a duel. Press Triangle / Y to aim and then Triangle / Y to shoot.

Normal skills

Evasion: Roll in the direction you are moving and reload your weapon.
Blinding Grenade: You stun enemies in front of you.
R2: An accurate and powerful revolver.
L2: Shoot all the remaining bullets frantically.

Mccree’s Peacekeeper revolver can be fired with the right trigger to fire one by one all six bullets in the magazine or press the left trigger to fire all bullets at once. In this case it must be taken into account that the crosshairs will move too much and therefore it will be necessary to practice shooting to take advantage of the bullets.

The Evasion move can be performed in any direction and is used to dodge enemy attacks and reload the weapon. This move does not have a long reach so you must be prepared to run away.

The blinding grenade apart from damaging all the enemies that are in the explosion zone also leaves them stunned. That will be the key moment to mow them down before they recover.

Finally, his special attack automatically marks the enemies on the screen and shoots them when you press any of the fire buttons. Keep in mind that once activated you will move much slower and if you don’t get to spend the shot you will have the special attack bar at 50% again.

Mccree is a very powerful character but you have to take into account that his skills may not be the best in the game and that it is possible that he is very unprotected against enemies using machine gun type weapons if we do not have very good aim.

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Is it possible to pick McCree in a regular competitive game on console and not to be considered a troll? Idk, I just wanna get good at one of the hitscans and McCree always seemed like the one I can pull off pretty decently.

I was actually doing the exact same thing when custom games came out, but got tired of setting the presets every time. Now with being able to save them it will be much easier thx for the reminder that they added it with this patch, and gj great video

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