Overwatch: Kimiko Leak Fake According To Blizzard Developers

As it usually happens, many people have speculated about different aspects of the new Overwatch version – characters, features, weapons, and map changes. But, since not many of them happened to be accurate, fans got disappointed when hopes and expectations that were built for them crashed out of nowhere. 

Unfortunately, that exact scenario applies to one of the biggest Overwatch rumors out there – an addition of a new character Kimiko, also known as the “Fox Girl.”

Kimiko – Fox Girl

When the “Fox Girl” appearance was first announced as a possibility, the internet threads and forums were lightened up! Everybody cheered this news because of the novelty the hero would bring to the game.

Another reason was that the best leaks for fans are unquestionably those involving new characters. Although the most recent Overwatch game promises to introduce a wide range of changes, Kimiko has been the focus of attention for many players.

However, Blizzard developers have formally acknowledged that “Fox Girl” is false, which is bad news for those who have already proclaimed themselves Kimiko mains. The first leak appeared on “4chan” and gained popularity over time.

In a post regarding the ‘leaked’ character, the head of Overwatch’s marketing, Jon Spector, put an end to any further suspicions by making a joke about Naturo and added, “Yeah, this is fake.”

Usually, Blizzard likes to keep their fans at a safe distance. The rapid growth of this rumor probably forced Spector to act. But, the fans also have a couple of reasons to be happy. Despite Kimiko being the fake news, some other characters are not. Three new characters will be joining the Overwatch roster, and two of them have already been presented to the public – Junker Queen & Sojourn.

Junker Queen & Sojourn

Players who have access to the test were eagerly anxious to try out the new tank hero Junker Queen when it was launched in the Overwatch 2 beta earlier this summer. She is a highly strong option in Brawl configurations, excelling in close combat, as both recreational and expert players have discovered.

Since her debut, her Overwatch League pick rate has remained strong.

The newest damage hero in the game, Sojourn, quickly became a favorite because of her mobility and damage output. The developers are thinking about slowing her down a little bit, but the fate of her in-game abilities is yet to be determined.

The Conclusion

Regardless of how the final versions of new characters turn out to be, Blizzard has lots of reasons to be happy. Their latest roster additions were welcomed with grace by the fans, so the only thing they should be concerned about is the third hero, who has yet to be revealed.

The official release date for Overwatch 2 is the 4th of October.

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