Overwatch 2 – Big Roster Changes For Florida Mayhem & Dallas Fuel

The most recent league winners will all be negotiating over the coming few months, as if the 2023 #Overwatch League offseason wasn’t already tumultuous enough.

The #DallasFuel current squad will all be treated as unrestricted free agents over the offseason, according to Mike #Hastr0 Rufail, a co-owner of #OpTic and the Fuel. This implies that players are susceptible to bids from any Overwatch League team and that OpTic may be forced to release them.

Meanwhile, one of the most welcome surprises of the 2022 season in Florida Mayhem, will change the lineup for the next year.

Four players would be leaving the team before the 2023 season, the team said today. The team’s recognizable pink uniforms won’t be worn by hitscan Jung #Xzi Ki-hyo, damage dealer Isaiah #Hydron Rodriguez, support players Jung #Anamo Taesung and Majed #SirMajed Alrashied, or hitscan Jung #Anamo Taesung. Woo “Da1” Dae-won, the team’s assistant coach, also will be out of the picture.

Dallas Running Out of Fuel

The management decided to let all players explore the offseason as unrestricted free agents, even those whom Dallas could have extended with a team option, the co-owner said in a voice message posted to Twitter. A player would have had at least one more year on the team with the extension of that option.

Hastr0 stated in the voice note, “While we, of course, would love to bring the team back to Dallas, we also know that due to the squad’s caliber, the prospects that they all potentially have individually could be bigger.”

The eight-player Fuel team recently won the 2022 Overwatch League title, providing spectators the most exciting Grand Finals matchup in history with a 4-3 victory over the San Francisco Shock.

Before die-hard Dallas supporters go sobbing into their blue shirts, this choice does not imply that the squad won’t remain as a unit. All organizations, including the Dallas Fuel, can make offers to unrestricted free agents, and they might even suggest banding together as the best possible employment advantage.

According to Hastr0, “We will try to assemble the best roster once more for 2023, and we hope that roster includes many of the players we now have.” We won’t just give up on the squad; instead, we’ll make an effort to sign at least some of the players back for the upcoming season and assemble the strongest Dallas Fuel group we can.

Florida Mayhems Its Roster

The Florida Mayhem started a complete roster reconstruction before the 2022 season began, only keeping one player from the previous campaign. The management of Florida put together the most varied team in the league by enlisting the help of veterans and talent from Overwatch Contenders.

One of the team’s top performers, Hydron faced off against some of the most deadly damage dealers in the league in Sojourn bouts. He was able to establish a solid reputation for himself among the league’s top players with players like Xzi, who overcame health concerns and the typical visa hell to get to Florida.

Similarly, SirMajed, a frequent sight to EMEA Contenders fans, may be regarded to be a contender. In intense team battles, his Zenyatta plays frequently prevented the Mayhem from being completely destroyed. Anamo, one of the most seasoned primary supports in the league, consistently provided healing and direction for the team’s backline.

Three roster members remain for Florida going into 2023, but their contracts have not yet been made public.

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