Credits Last Chance Event Set To Honor The End Of Original Overwatch

The Overwatch Credits Last Chance event, which will begin next week and last through the end of next month, has been announced by Blizzard.

The free-to-play sequel Overwatch 2, developed by Blizzard, will shortly replace the original Overwatch, bringing about some significant modifications for the hero-shooter. The monetization of Overwatch has also undergone a big overhaul, with loot boxes being replaced with a Battle Pass and a more conventional free-to-play store.

Loot Boxes – What is different?

Players of the Overwatch video game receive a variety of cosmetic goodies when they open loot boxes. If they receive a duplicate item of something they already own, credits are given to them in its place.

These credits can be used to directly buy in-game cosmetics, such as skins and voice lines. Fans of the first Overwatch game are running out of time to use their credits to purchase seasonal cosmetics because Overwatch 2’s early access release date is quickly approaching.

Fortunately, starting September 13 at 11:00 PT to October 2, Blizzard will be holding a Last Chance event. Fans will be able to use their credits to purchase every seasonal cosmetic item that was ever published for the original Overwatch game during this event.

Unused credits will be carried over to Overwatch 2, but it’s unclear how that would actually look as the new game has a very different revenue model.

Saying Goodbye

Not only will this month be the last time that Overwatch players can use their credits to purchase seasonal cosmetics, but it will also be the last time that they may participate in the Competitive Play mode of the original game.

Blizzard has stated that the current Overwatch Competitive season will be the final, meaning anyone looking to try and advance in the standard 6v6 format is out of time to do so.

Overwatch 2 will go live in early access on October 4, which is two days after the Overwatch Credit Last Chance promotion concludes. Despite being marketed as an early access release, Overwatch 2 will come with a Battle Pass, three new heroes, and a lot more when it debuts.

The Battle Pass is being frowned upon by the fans, but it is yet to be determined if Blizzard will do something about it and possibly change the feature, or let it sink in with the players over a certain period.

Overwatch 2 is generating a lot of enthusiasm, but there is also a palpable sadness in the air because it signals the end of the first Overwatch.

Those who want to make sure they’ve competed in the final Competitive Play season and gotten their favorite seasonal cosmetics should establish a plan to do so in the coming weeks, as they probably won’t have another chance.

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