A Brand New Genji Skin Added To Overwatch League

The Overwatch we knew is slowly coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean we’ve seen everything it has to offer. As it usually happens at the end of an important cycle, Blizzard decided to mark the previous period and give us a great surprise.

To commemorate the conclusion of the Summer Showdown of the Overwatch League, Blizzard has unveiled a new Genji skin.

Genji Skin

The skin, Happi Genji, depicts the robot ninja in human form. He is attired in swim trunks, a towel, and a happi, a traditional Japanese coat that is frequently seen at festivals, in true summertime style. The effect is positively tropical when coupled with his gloved hand and green flip-flops that match his viridian hair.

Additionally, Happi transforms his shuriken into ribboned gifts that coordinate with the colors on the skin. It is currently for sale within the game.

Happi, like Knight Mercy before it, can only be bought in the OWL portion of the game using Overwatch League tokens. It costs 200 OWL Tokens to purchase the skin, which can also be acquired by watching OWL matches on YouTube Gaming.

Happi will be sold till November 15; team remix skins will follow Happi’s release later this year.

Artist Shih Kai Chang expounded on Happi’s design in a post on the OWL blog. The skin makes tribute to both conventional Japanese festival attire and already-existing Overwatch skins, particularly the green-haired Young Genji.

Genji has a goldfish hanging from his waist, and his coat has the crest and family name of the Shimada clan in the manner of actual happis. Chang claims that one aspect of Japanese festival custom involves individuals scooping goldfish out of tiny ponds, which they wanted to incorporate into Genji’s appearance.

The skin is now on sale in the OWL shop in Overwatch.

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