Loco and Indian Streaming Industry – One Billion Rea$on$ for Optimism

The latest reports from the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (#FICCI) are bringing some great news for everyone involved in the Indian esports market. The number of viewers is expected to increase to an all-time high of 85 million within a time span of just 3 years, meaning by 2025, India would make up to almost 10% of the global esports audience.

The financial aspects of these changes would also mean an all-time revenue, which is expected to hit the $75 million mark, the highest amount since the birth of the Indian esports scene.

There is an enormous potential hidden in one of the planet’s largest countries, and as a result of that, a huge number of platforms are competing to enter the Indian streaming arena. The fight for streaming rights reminds us of San Francisco’s “Goldrush”, only this time “the river” is not filled with shiny nuggets, but with millions of loyal esports fans.

Loco – a regional leader

When it comes to providing the highest quality streaming services, one of the regional leaders is “Loco”. Despite being present for only a couple of years, the platform was able to capture a massive following and gain users’ trust. Their daily engagements are being counted in hundreds of thousands, making their growth one of the all-time highs in Indian streaming history.

Having a great starting spot often leads to winning the race, and the Loco streaming platform made sure that they will not get passed by anyone during the great Indian esports transition. Their stats speak for themselves – more than 10 million Google Play Store downloads are definitely something to brag about. Judging by the recent funding received from “Lumikai” and “Krafton”, it seems that Loco is on a good path of turning their vision for the Indian streaming market into reality.

What makes them different from the competition is that Loco was able to create a sustainable business model in a still-developing marketplace. While the others are still adapting, they have found a way to thrive despite all the challenges.

Bringing underdogs to the spotlight

In addition to that, Loco is actively standing behind the creators who are still considered to be small. Their plan for the future is to allow “the underdogs” to get their spotlight through their platform, giving them an equal shot to compete for success with their larger “colleagues”.

They have also addressed one of the highly discussed problems in the streaming community, and that is the earning gap between small and big creators. Loco founders are looking forward to making monetization easily available for all the streamers out there. Their vision for the platform is that the only responsibility of creators will be to put out content and reaping the rewards for their work will be made utterly simple through the efforts of the platform’s management.

The opportunity for growth that comes with overtaking the Indian market is unimaginable at the moment. India will feel tectonic movements in its streaming market since there is a chance that official predictions could easily be exceeded. One thing is sure – Loco will not be able to sit and dwell on yesterday’s successes, since the Indian ever-growing environment might present us with new surprises in years ahead of us.