Team Liquid signs all-Brazilian women’s team

Team Liquid played a prominent role in the first Valorant World Championship 2021. The e-sportsmen played their way to the semifinals, after all. The main Liquid team naturally wants to repeat this success in 2022. But perhaps even more is possible. Why? A few days ago, Liquid signed a contract with an all-Brazilian women’s team that has already demonstrated its skills over the past few months.

Gamelanders Purple becomes Team Liquid Brasil

Behind the new Team Liquid Brasil is the former Gamelanders Purple line-up. The team consists of Ana Beatriz “naxy” Gomes, Paola “drn” Caroline, Paula “bstrdd” Nagiul, Natália “daiki” Vilela and Natália “nat1” Meneses. However, the managers of Liquid not only signed the ladies, but at the same time they also signed the coach André “Palestra” Gomes. The success story of the Gamelanders can therefore continue unperturbed under the new name.

In 2021, the Gamelanders Purple Team won 13 tournaments, including the Protocolo: Evolução, the Protocolo: Gêneses and the Copa Rakin Season 2. In addition, the Brazilians were twice in the Top32 of the VCT 2021 Brazil Stage Two Challengers Open Qualifiers.

The new team Liquid Brasil will compete in the 2022 VCT Game Changers.

Qualification for first LAN event possible

Of course, the Changers series should only be the start for the Brazilians. From Liquid’s point of view, the signing of the new contract has come at exactly the right time. After the success of the VCT Game Changers, a first LAN event could follow in 2022. Qualifying for the top round is certainly the goal of the women’s team. If this is not yet achieved in 2022 or a LAN event is not yet played, the Brazilian women have the project on the screen for 2023 or 2024 without question.

Development in an absolute professional atmosphere

For the ladies, the step into the Liquid Community is of course the career jump par excellence. In a professional environment, they have the opportunity to continue to improve their performance in peace and continuously. Success should come almost automatically under the Liquid label.

Steve Arhancet of Liquid, of course, is also positive about the signing, “We are very excited to have Team Liquid BR as the newest debut of Liquid Entertainment. They’ve worked incredibly hard to fine tune their skills and are ready to show the world what they’re capable of.”

Information on Liquid

Team Liquid is the most successful e-sports association of all time. No other players’ association has raked in more prize money. The organization was founded back at the turn of the millennium. In South America, Liquid has caused a stir with its Rainbow Six, Fortnite and Free Fire victories. With the new women’s team, the Valorant victories are now to follow.

In total, Liquid players are represented in 14 eSports disciplines. In this country, Liquid’s Dota 2 team is best known as the best of all time. The Dota 2 players have won The International 2017 and Supermajor 2018. The North American League of Legends representation is considered the strongest team on the continent.

Team Liquid is not only a player organization, but at the same time a media company with the different offers.