Vetheo steals the show at the LEC Spring Split 2022 doing third of Misfit’s entire kills

The rising League of Legends superstar

As the LEC Spring Split playoffs approach in 2022, Misfits Gaming’s youthful phenom Vetheo has emerged as a new leader in Europe’s mid-lane talent pool. According to Oracle’s Elixir, the 19-year-old tops all LEC participants with 34.3 percent of his team’s total kills this season.

After swiftly establishing himself as one of the league’s greatest players, the French ace was a key member of the Misfits’ postseason run. He not only has the greatest kill share in the league, but he also has the highest number of kills, fifth-highest KDA, and third-most DPS of any player in the LEC. Throughout the spring, his abilities and performances were critical to his team’s victory. Misfits finished the season with a 12-6 record.

LEC Spring Split 2022 Showcase

Vetheo‘s champion pool was also wide in this tournament, with 11 different champions appearing in 18 games. Gone are the times when he was primarily renowned for his outstanding Zoe performances. He can easily fit into many team compositions with champion opponents like Yasuo, Viktor, Sylas, Akali, and Syndra in his arsenal.

Throughout the split, Vetheo‘s trusted teammate and newbie jungler “Shlatan” was a great aid, providing him with important pressure and allowing him to scale up into the mid-to-late game. Misfits’ well-coordinated team fighting and Vetheo’s tactical skills were put on display as he ripped through skirmishes once they reached this phase.

At the beginning of the tournament, they were considered to be underdogs, which seemed pretty realistic due to the fact they had recent changes in the roster, and that Vetheo was single-handedly carrying the team.

It will be more than interesting to see how the odds will change now that Misfits were able to upgrade their status within the League of Legends community, following their great recent performances and visible team chemistry that’s been developing more and more with each match on the roster goes through together.

One thing is sure, anyone who missed placing the bet on Misfits and Vetheo is probably regretting it now big time. But, the good thing is that they will be in action again pretty soon, and thus new opportunities.

Misfits future plans

Looking forwards, Vetheo and the other members of the Misfits will be up against the region’s best team, Rogue. It’ll be their debut best-of-five challenge as a team this season, and it should provide fans with a good glimpse at their true capabilities as European League leaders.

Once the 2022 LEC Spring Split tournament starts on March 25, you’ll be able to see the Misfits in action, where they will try to make a statement about truly belonging in the highest-level competitions.

Judging by their recent form, they have a lot of good things to look forward to and they can be sure that a lot of eyes will be directed towards them.