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MSI 2021 | Aspectos DWG and Jax Conquistador – LoL

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With the major leagues of competitive League of Legends coming to an end, we already have several of the teams that will be participating in the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational. To celebrate the mid-season event, Riot Games has released a new skin from the Conqueror line.

The developer already had a tradition of adding champions to the Conqueror collection when MSI was approaching, since 2015. That is why, for the upcoming patch 11.19, not only the skins of Worlds champion DWG Kia but two editions of Jax Conqueror will be added to the game.

The visual design and animations offer a completely revamped version of the Conqueror skin collection, adding shades of green and purple instead of the typical crimson combined with black and gold. In addition, when Jax prepares to return to base, he will summon a miniature of the trophy that will be lifted by the champion team of the mid-season event.

Jax Conqueror will also have a prestigious edition, where the suit will be dyed white and gold, typical of this kind of appearance. The champion’s attacks will produce a visual impact when colliding, and a new one will be added when using each of the skills.

In this way, Jax joins Nautilus, Varus, Nidalee and Ahri (Challenger in the case of the latter two) in receiving a skin to celebrate the MSI. Previously, part of the funds generated by this collection was part of the prize received by the champion team of the event. However, so far the developer has not said if this will be maintained for this edition.

The Mid Season Invitational 2021 will gather 12 teams in Reykjavik, Iceland from May 6 to 22. For Latin America, the representative will be Gillette Infinity Esports, by clicking here, you will be able to know their rivals in the tournament.

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Si no fuera por lo cosotoso que son ya los RPs, compraba todas… pero no, cada año nos dan menos RPs por nuestro dinero..y pues menos skins… prefieren ganar 10usd una vez al año que 100usd a lo largo del mismo…

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