LoL: Two LEC teams have reached 50 total team deaths

The first week of the 2023 LEC Spring Split came to a close yesterday after three days of thrilling League of Legends competition, with several teams already contending for positions in the rankings for the upcoming regular season. However, two teams have produced some remarkable statistics in a division that most teams attempt to avoid all season long.

Bad record

Through the first week of the season, Fnatic and Team Heretics have each experienced 50 team deaths, with the former achieving 52 deaths and the latter reaching a league-high 54 team deaths. Since they were the only two LEC teams to end the first week without a single victory, it was difficult for both squads as well.

The year hasn’t gone nearly as planned for the boys in orange, particularly after they placed second-to-last during the 2023 Winter Split. Early roster changes were made in response to the organization’s worst performance in its existence, with newcomer Oscar #Oscarinin Jiménez and support Henk #Advienne Reijenga taking over for the upcoming division.

In the first week of the Spring Split, Fnatic’s new recruits struggled, which is unfortunate because adding new players typically causes growing pains for any squad. According to League stats aggregator Oracle’s Elixir, Oscarinin, for instance, unexpectedly rose to prominence with the most fatalities of any LEC participant thus far.

Fnatic only managed 12 kills overall as a team, the bulk of which came from the jungler Ivan #Razork Martin Diaz and the AD carry Martin #Rekkles Larsson, earning them a dismal 0.2 KDA. It will take some time for this team to coalesce, but there won’t be much time before games become much more crucial to their chances of making the group stage.

The Heretics, on the other hand, have the same squad as the winter going into the 2023 Spring Break, but they are still looking for a playstyle that will help them reach the postseason this year. With an average combined kills per minute of 0.93, three players of the squad rank among the league’s top 10 for fatalities while also playing in some of the split’s bloodiest matches.

The schedule

The only comfort for Heretics supporters is that they had a fairly difficult schedule through the first week, playing KOI and the LEC defending winners, G2 Esports. When the 2023 LEC Spring Split resumes on Saturday, March 18, they will face off against groups like Excel Esports and Fnatic, which could be a good spot to start their successful ways.

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