League of Legends Worlds 2022 Finals – Riot planning the most grandiose opening ever

The #LeagueofLegends World Championship championship game is quickly approaching. On November 5, a matchup between the two surviving teams will take place in front of the public at the #ChaseCenter in #SanFrancisco. However, before the action begins, League fans watching from home or in the arena will be treated to #RiotGames most elaborate opening ceremony.

Riot’s “biggest ambitious stage build ever” will be showcased at The Chase Center, according to Carrie Dunn, global head of creative for Riot Games #Esports.

Riot started developing ideas for the opening ceremony for the 2022 finals in early February of the same year after the venue was chosen, designing the stage in accordance with the setting that would host the event.

What should the fans expect?

Our venue staff has been working nonstop for 96 hours on this set, Dunn added. As part of the build, we are lifting 470,000 pounds of equipment into the air. According to Dunn, the objective of this opening ceremony is to provide both the live audience and the viewers at home “quite a few startling moments” throughout the performance.

Riot has created a customized experience for each and every fan, keeping in mind the wide range of viewers.

With multiple technologies in use, the opening ceremony’s setting is sure to shift significantly as the performance progresses. The performers that will be on stage have already been announced by Riot, so it is not surprising that the opening ceremony will be divided into three sections to correspond with the three songs that will be sung.

We begin with The Call in the first act of the three-act format, Dunn added. And the opening ceremony will contain a climactic moment that, in our opinion, will go down in pop culture history as one of the most memorable ones in the coming ten years.

The Ceremony Structure

Riot has divided the opening ceremony into three pieces in order to give each act its own distinctive element while maintaining a sense of unity on stage. These distinctive qualities are meant to emphasize the event’s “One&Only” theme even further.

In addition to being “one of a kind,” Riot wanted to create a show that, in Dunn’s words, “felt like it couldn’t be reproduced, couldn’t be imitated, couldn’t really be compared to for years to come.”

The finals’ opening ceremony won’t be the only “unique” performance on stage, either. Additionally, the newly created Summoner Cup will make its debut in the San Francisco Chase Center. Riot will have the ideal chance during the opening ceremony to start creating memories and fully unveil the new trophy to the public.

The World Championship journey’s opening ceremony is a major turning point because it builds enthusiasm and expectation for the competition’s marquee match. Additionally, for more than a year and a half, hundreds of individuals “worked incredibly hard” on this moment.

The opening ceremony is, in the end, a crucial part of the year for both Rioters and fans, and this year Riot is hoping to produce “something special,” something that will connect fans at home and in the arena to the stars.

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