League of Legends – Vitality & MAD Lions Making Big Roster Moves

One of the League’s veterans, #Carzzy, who is currently playing AD carry for #TeamVitality, is apparently planning to rejoin his old squad this winter. According to the still unofficial rumors, the three-year veteran has agreed to represent #MADLions in the #2023LECSeason.

Meanwhile, team Vitality is apparently switching supports and bringing in long-serving #LeagueofLegends support Kaiser from MAD Lions for the 2023 season.

MAD Lions Getting Mad Reinforcement

Throughout the early part of his career, Carzzy was a member of the MAD Lions, helping them win back-to-back World Championships in 2020 and 2021. Carzzy joined Squad Vitality at the start of the 2022 season after enjoying success with the team on both the domestic and international levels.

He joined the organization with the hopes of leading a “superteam” of elite players, including top laner Alphari and mid laner Perkz, to victory in Europe. As a result of the club’s failure to make the LEC Summer Split playoffs, Carzzy was given permission earlier this offseason to “explore his alternatives” for a new team.

According to the buzz out there, Carzzy had limited his options for his 2023 squad to MAD Lions and Fnatic. He ultimately opted for his previous company over Fnatic. If Fnatic is, as has been claimed, looking for a new ADC as well, Upset, who has held that position for a while, may also be leaving, which would indicate shuffles in several bottom lanes around the LEC.

Unforgiven, a 2022 ADC who joined the MAD Lions at the beginning of the year as a result of Carzzy’s departure, is currently unknown what his future holds. Through the completion of the 2024 season, MAD Lions has a contract with Unforgiven. According to the League global contract database, every starter for the MAD Lions is under contract for the duration of at least the following season.

Additionally, Carzzy committed to a deal with Vitality that would keep him there until the end of 2024. Teams who wanted to take on his contract would have to do so through a trade or buyout.

Vitality’s Roster Changes

Currently, the entire esports community is reporting that Labrov, a 2022 support for Vitality, will be joining Team BDS after a transaction of his contract was purportedly finalized a few days prior. His replacement will be Kaiser, a former MAD Lions’ support player.

Kaiser joined the MAD Lions before the 2020 season and has played his whole LEC career for them. Kaiser assisted the group in advancing to the League World Championship three years in a row. MAD Lions made it to the top eight at Worlds in 2021 despite being eliminated from the competition in the play-in stage in 2020 and 2022.

That year, MAD Lions saw their greatest level of home and international success. The group took first place in the LEC’s Spring and Summer Splits, surpassing G2 Esports and Fnatic to become the first team to ever win the league’s contemporary era.

After being hailed by fans and commentators as the strongest western lineup on paper at the start of the year, Vitality struggled to live up to expectations this year as the LEC’s supposedly “super team,” failing to even make it to the World Championship playoffs.

Independent League reporter Brieuc Seeger said earlier today that Vitality and MAD Lions had reached an arrangement to bring AD carry Carzzy back to his former team.

Come 2023, Kaiser and Carzzy, his erstwhile MAD Lions lane partner, will be like two ships passing in the night. Carzzy will switch teams with Kaiser in 2019 after spending a year with Vitality, according to reports.

According to the League contract database, Kaiser’s deal with MAD expires at the end of 2023, while Labrov’s deal with Vitality expires at the end of 2024.

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